Important Things to Know before Going Off the Grid

Has it been your long-term goal to go off the grid? If yes, you’re not alone. A CSIRO study conducted in 2015 found out that one-third of energy users are considering leaving the grid soon.

The key reason why a lot of people want to take this bold step is because of the ever-rising price of electricity. Even with the help of electricity comparison sites, which help people choose the best providers, many households still spend thousands of dollars yearly on electricity.

If you have been considering going off the grid to cut down your electricity cost, there are a few things you must know before moving forward.

In this article, we are going to explore some of these factors.

Choosing a renewable energy source

Since you’re leaving the grid, you will need to have to find another energy source. While there are a lot of options out there, it is wise to opt for solar PV systems, as they are easy to install, maintain, and repair.

What’s more, they are clean and can operate in different conditions.

If you are considering going off the grid totally, you first have to find out the amount of energy you use.

Next, you should invite an expert to access the amount of roof space you have. Doing this will help you know if you will be able to fit the number of panels needed to power your appliances without any support from the grid.

Size of your battery

After narrowing down the number of solar panels you need to address your energy needs. You should next choose a battery.

As you know, batteries are available in different sizes.

To ensure that your electrical needs are met, you should invest in a battery that is large enough to supply and store the amount of energy needed to power your home throughout the day.


If you are serious about going off the grid, you should consider investing in a backup generator.

Since we have no control over the weather, it is wise to have backup power. Always remember that there will be days (cloudy weather) when your panels won’t get enough sunlight to power your appliances for 24 hours.

Generators come in different shapes, sizes, and power output. Pick a model (Diesel or petrol) that is easy to operate and can power your appliances with ease.  

Take a close look at your appliances

Since all appliances aren’t made the same, they don’t consume the same amount of energy. Air conditioners, heaters, pool pumps have high energy demands. Before going off-grid, you should ensure that your power system can address their energy needs.


One of the perks of being in the grid is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance. After finding a good provider with the help of electricity comparison companies, you won’t have to worry about anything.

On the flip side, if you go off the grid, you will have the sole responsibility of maintaining your power supply. It will also be your responsibility to find experts to inspect your system regularly and to help check if they are performing properly.

Final note

The idea of leaving the grid is appealing, as you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on energy bills.

To achieve this independence, you need to choose a reliable power source and battery to store energy, as well as work out how much energy your appliances consume.

Before taking the big leap to leave the grid for good, you should make use of electricity comparison sites to narrow down the best deals and save on costs.


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