How to Improve Organic Reach for Your Facebook Posts

How to Improve Organic Reach for Your Facebook Posts

Organic reach is referred to as the number of unique people who view your content in your news feed or profile. This term is reminiscent to web traffic for social media platforms. If you have created a Facebook page for your company, you ideally desire the organic reach to be high and ever increasing. The better the organic reach, the more you are read and viewed on social media like Facebook. Let us see, how you can improve organic reach for your Facebook posts.

Optimize Posting Times to Improve Organic Reach

You must post your articles, advertisements, news, or anything else at different times of the day. Preferably, you should post more at non-peak times when there is less competition. Good content with less competition works the best. Figure out when your contacts are online most of the times, and choose times for posting other than that time interval. Consider the following chart for John Loomer.

Be Timely

Timely posts are very important to gather attention of your fans and non-fans. As soon as some event occurs, you must post about it, since your friends would love to see fresh content in the market. Relate the current and latest requirements, fashions, and styles with your business products and services, so as to convince your fans to buy them.

Engage Your Audience

Organic reach is not just about increasing your likes and shares. It is much more than that. You must also interact with your audience by appreciating their comments and feedback. You must follow your customers on their valuable suggestions. It is not necessary that every post will bring response from the customers or your fans.


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Post Meaningful Images

It is not necessary that you express everything in the form of text. It is good to have professional posts, but a single image could portray a thousand words. The images should contain meaningful messages to captivate the attention of fans. You should add elements of reality, fun, conciseness and completeness to deliver a meaningful message to your customers so as to convince them to buy your products or services.

Embed Your Posts

Your task is not finished after posting your stuff on Facebook. You have to advertise them to improve their organic reach. Embed your posts on your blogs and websites so as to drag the audience from other platforms to your social media. The embedding must be relevant instead of forcing others to visit pages that are completely out of context with your website.


You must have grasped the proved tricks to improve the organic reach of your Facebook posts. This is not the end of the world though, and you must search for more tips and tricks to drag your fans to your Facebook stuff.


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