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Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Call Tracking Software


For any business, marketing is crucial. There is no better way to increase the conversion rate than by implementing an effective marketing campaign. To be competitive, the marketing campaign must use different channels, both online and offline. In this way, the possibilities to generate more leads increase.

During the rollout of the marketing campaign, there must be some kind of feedback from the different channels used. In this way, marketers can resolve different concerns and improve some weak aspects. One of the most effective ways to get such feedback is through the analysis of incoming phone calls. Such an analysis can yield very useful information.

To do the aforementioned analysis, marketers use special call tracking software. For startups, the analysis of the first marketing campaigns is decisive in the success of the business. In most cases, a startup offers a novel product or service. Hence, knowing how the target population reacts to the marketing campaign is quite important.

Thus, call tracking software for startups helps to understand some important aspects of the marketing campaign such as:

  • Lead scoring. This refers to the quality of leads that are generated;
  • Lead attribution. This refers to the channels that generated specific leads;
  • Keyword research. Call tracking allows identifying the most effective keywords for SEO in a niche.

A startup can even find new business opportunities by using the information provided by call tracking software. But, what exactly is this type of software? What are its main functions? In its simplest form, this type of computer program records and unearths information from phone calls. It may analyze recorded phone calls or real-time calls, depending on the specific functionality of the software.

The benefits of call tracking software for startups are manifold. Let’s review a few of them.

Identify the Channels that Generate Leads

This is one of the most important functions of this type of software. Call tracking allows knowing the number of leads generated during a marketing campaign. Not only that, but it also identifies the channel that generates each lead. With this information, marketers identify which channels work better. Then, they can concentrate on the most effective marketing channels.

Identify Qualified Leads

Quantity is not necessarily quality. Call tracking software also helps to identify whether the incoming phone calls are from qualified leads. In this way, your sales team can decide which leads they should pursue. Also, you can make adjustments to your campaign according to the type of leads you’re getting.

Identify Top Keywords

As already mentioned, this type of software identifies the keywords that generate leads. A call tracking program can identify how each person calling found your business online. With this information, you can enhance the content of your website to generate even more leads.

Allows for Continuous Improvement

All the information from call tracking software allows marketers and SEO specialists to continuously improve the campaign. In this way, the different channels used to advertise your product will be better and better.

Why Should You Get Call Tracking Software?

Today more than ever, people use different media to find information. Social media, for instance, is used for more than just chatting with friends. People often find products and services of their interest online. They also find them on displays or printed materials offline. In all these cases, most people look for a contact phone. Since 2014, there has been a 110% increase in calls to businesses in the United States following online or offline searches.

Hence, the large number of consumers calling businesses represents many potential leads. If you want to convert those leads, your marketing and sales teams must get insights into the origin of these calls. This insight allows optimizing a marketing campaign to yield the best results. The type of product or service that your startup offers may be particularly welcome in a specific channel. Hence, when your marketing team analyzes both online and offline channels together, better decisions can be made.


In conclusion, call tracking software is a necessary marketing tool for any modern business. It is particularly important for startups. To optimize your marketing campaign and the use of resources on advertisements, call tracking is a must.

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