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In the Post-Covid World, Competition for Talent will Reach Another Level


With the new coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the offices adapting their operations to the home office, many companies also needed to digitize their models for hiring and integrating employees.

In this increasingly digital reality, the business world has taken a huge leap into the future of work and discovered the effectiveness of greater flexibility. The office barrier was broken and it is now possible to imagine an operation – and contracting – from anywhere.

Before the pandemic, 66% of organizations seeking specialized skills were already on the lookout for recruiting professionals beyond their home country. It is where Deel – an international payroll management system – comes in to help companies hire and pay your international team easily.

The home office broke the fear that companies had about managing remote teams. With the fall of resistance by digital, companies will be less afraid to contract outside countries where they are physically located.

It will be a great opportunity for companies to look for talent outside their countries. And it will also be an opportunity for these talents. Once identified by international competitors, the abroad workforce will be more valued.

The major concern of companies in expansion in other countries is the increase in costs to reproduce their hierarchy elsewhere. Before, it would be necessary to create a hierarchical structure of managers and executives. With remote management, that can change.

These are myths that have come down with the experience of the pandemic. First, the boss needs to be in the same country. Then, the distributed workforce would make it more difficult to maintain the engagement of the team and with the company.

More flexible work makes the days more productive and meetings with international participants more effective. And it is a greater chance of expanding her contact with employees.

Time to hire

If your team has demands for new employees and there is already a budget for this hiring, now is a good time to recruit candidates. You can do this at Deel’s online dashboard remotely to hire and pay international team.

After all, from the moment the demand exists, each day without the new employee represents a cost for the company. This value is calculated by COV – Cost of Vacancy, a metric in the area of Recruitment and Selection that is often underestimated, and indicates the cost generated by open positions, considering the period of time from the moment a new person becomes if necessary until the day you start working at the company.

While competition for international talent may intensify, the crisis also creates a window of opportunity for companies to find scarce talent in the market.

In the study, they realized that both companies that made aggressive cuts and that bet on large investments did not have such a high chance of recovery. The secret would be a balance between strategic investments and selective cost reduction.

This means that it is not just a time for job cuts or freezes, but an opportunity to invest in professionals who help the company to grow in the post-Covid period.

So, your selection process should not and need not stop. Several interviews of selection processes started to be done remotely, through online Dell platforms.

In addition, for economic and market reasons, hundreds of great professionals are running out of jobs and available to other companies. This phenomenon is not common in normal times.

Particularities of the IT area

All companies need to innovate, especially in times of crisis. Technology is an important component for the company to maintain its competitiveness. And the more companies innovate, the more they need to hire IT professionals.

If you are looking for professionals with these skills, you know the challenges of hiring. Many companies fight for the same professionals and sometimes fail to retain these talents, losing these people to other companies.

According to a study, by 2024, the demand for technology professionals will be 70 thousand per year, while the number of graduates will reach 46 thousand. Numbers represent a very large deficit of qualified people. There will be a shortage of professionals, even more than they are lacking today. This is a fact. This is one of the few markets that goes against economic crises and continues to grow.

Therefore, considering the reality of your company, its demands and the current moment in the HR market, it is very strategic to continue the selection processes, especially in the IT area. In addition, IT jobs are able to function well remotely.

HR market and current dynamics

Professionals are needed to keep the company running smoothly at that time. Therefore, the work of HR and recruiters becomes even more important. We are all experiencing transformations in the processes and priorities of companies. It is important to know how to analyze your situation critically and understand what the best approach will be in relation to hiring.

But it is essential to remain flexible to the variations of the HR market and to the new dynamics between company and candidates, it is essential to analyze different scenarios and think about strategies and measures also in the long term.

New talents

The pandemic is forcing companies from different sectors to modernize. At all levels, education has always been resistant to technology. In this phase, all agents in the area have undergone an adaptation.

All sectors will undergo this reinvention, observing the available technologies, how they can use them to create new solutions and, mainly, who will be the professionals capable of helping in the new strategy. Even though the demand for developers remains high, there are roles for various technical profiles.

Covid-19’s impacts on the market for hiring technology professionals

The current moment is one of transformation and uncertainty. The impacts on the economy and companies are inevitable. As a result, the HR and hiring market is also hit. However, according to a survey, 14.5% of companies tend to expand the offer of vacancies in the sector.

The processes of digital transformation were accelerated with the pandemic and the proposed social isolation. Companies that did not invest in innovation needed to take a step forward. This accelerated race for transformation heats up the search for developers and leave the people and management departments uneasy.

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