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In what Countries Is Online Gambling the Most Popular?


Online gambling increases in popularity and becomes a must-choose option for people all around the globe. Worldwide, states follow the consistent increase in the number of users, so they adapt their regulations according to market requests. Some countries have more relaxed online gambling rules while others introduce stricter rules for gamblers. To learn more about the leading gambling markets, be sure to read this review.


Scandinavian countries are more than famous for introducing online gambling opportunities. Sweden itself has one of the highest rates of online gambling on the global level. Swedish customers enjoy online gambling for real money as well as free slot play option on both national and international levels. According to the 2019 reports, online casino establishments in the country made more than $2.5 billion, which equals $400 per resident while also comprising close to 5% of the entire online casino market.

Today, customers can find many sites which compare the services of local betting providers. It helps players to find the best sites for themselves and start wagering on a regular basis. The recent Covid-19 outbreak has changed the way of gambling in the country after the state has introduced a weekly deposit limit of $500. It has also limited bonuses on the maximum of $12 to prevent excessive gambling among players. However, these restrictions were removed in January, allowing bettors to enjoy more flexible options.


Malta is a relatively small country but a real paradise for gamblers. As one of the smallest states in the world, Malta allows gambling companies to take advantage of low taxes and flexible regulatory requirements. That’s why many betting companies have incorporated their hubs all across sunny Malta.

Betting companies can leverage different benefits from being located in Malta. They can apply for the local license provided by the Malta Gaming Authority – one of the most trusted regulators in the industry. Additionally, operators benefit from small fees and long-term tax plans for their businesses. Here are the additional aims of the MGA Authority:

  • Protection of minors;
  • Keeping the players’ rights on the high level;
  • Responsible gambling practices;
  • Maintaining the integrity of games.

That being said, Malta has hundreds of online gambling establishments registered in the country. It makes the state one of the densest gambling regions in correlation with the total number of people living in the country.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a British territory famous for flexible gambling rules. Online casinos that select to conduct activities in the Isle of Man have many reasons to choose this region. Isle of Man is formally part of the UK, although it has different regulatory rules and specific casino laws. It allows gamblers to benefit from beneficial rules while also having access to the popular online casinos.

Online gambling providers which operate in the Isle of Man are the most reputable in the globe. Companies that are just at the beginning of their operation usually avoid the jurisdiction due to high costs. The main reason for this practice is an enormously high license price for new establishments.

As soon as the casinos open the virtual operation in the country, they can also benefit from various perks, including small taxes, no tax for capital gains, and similar. Today, many online casinos are incorporated in this self-governing territory, and numbers increase all the time.

United States of America

The USA is obviously one of the richest countries in the world, with a high percentage of gamblers. Online gambling is more than a popular leisure activity for people across the country who spend their time and money on popular betting sites. However, the USA is also known for the strict gambling legislation where operators should meet harsh conditions in order to provide betting services.

Online gambling was prohibited in all states until 2018, and Nevada was the only exception (with its capital Las Vegas). Everything changed in the country with the Supreme Court’s decision, which removed PASPA law and allowed online sportsbooks and casinos to operate across the country. At the moment, many states are introducing online gambling options leading to the market explosion.

Only recently, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have legalized online gambling opportunities, and the same is expected from other states in the country. It is also expected that countries unify player pools for certain games such as poker, which will lead to the outburst of new betting opportunities.

United Kingdom

The online gambling sector in the United Kingdom is one of the most profitable in the entire country. According to the data from the period between 2016 and May 2017, the country recorded a total of 13 Billion GBP in gross yield. These figures will continue to grow as the country employs over 100,000 people in the betting sector.

There are many reasons for the popularity of betting in the UK. Brits are famous for their huge spending capacity, so they spend a lot of money on leisure activities, such as online betting. The country is also known for the sports betting industry, which is the absolute hit for local gamblers. At the same time, the UK Gambling Commission is one of the most reputable authorities which award licenses to operators which fulfill regulatory requirements.


Canada is another country that attracts online gamblers from all over the world. The country doesn’t issue the licenses itself, but local customers can legally use the services from international betting platforms.

It means that gambling providers can operate an online site in Canada from any part of the world without breaking Canadian law. The online gambling sector itself records about $17.1 billion in annual revenues, which also includes the revenues from online gambling events. The most popular verticals for local bettors are poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines.

At the moment, the Canadian government works on certain amendments which would allow betting on specific sports. With the authorization of these activities, players will get an opportunity to enjoy express betting. The changes must be authorized by the state government and provinces.


Germany is one of the countries which has recorded an uplift in the gambling and betting opportunities. The German officials follow the current trends in the sector, so they adapt their laws accordingly. Last October, the country passed a law that introduced online gambling options at the state level. In addition to it, the country will fully open its gambling market on July 1, 2021, with the introduction of Interstate Law.

Other Territories Around the Globe

Scandinavian countries are more than popular gambling jurisdictions. Apart from Sweden, there are also Norway and Finland, which provide gamblers with excellent betting opportunities. The Netherlands is also famous for the high bets and many interested gamblers.

Meanwhile, players from European countries tend to place bets at MGA licensed operators while others continue to place bets at international sites licensed by Curacao and Kahnawake Gambling Authority. The European continent, however, remains at the forefront of the betting industry, with more gamblers placing bets at popular EU sites, which are mainly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.


The gambling industry will continue to increase in total value while attracting players from all over the world. It will lead to the introduction of more betting opportunities and more interested users. The future of online gambling is very positive both in terms of revenues and audience.

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