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#IncDev Holding A Virtual Conference Accessible and Inclusive To All Entrepreneurs, March 8

Diversity is one thing the tech industry is yet to achieve; women and individuals from the minority groups are largely underrepresented. One organization, BlackStarMedia, is trying to make right all the wrongs that could be alienating women and the minorities from venturing into the tech scene.

This past winter, BlackStarMedia launched an initiative dubbed InclusiveDev, aimed at acting as a resource group for tech entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. The initiative has been continuously growing and has now become a big network accessible to virtually everyone and anyone.

InclusiveDev will be holding a one day 100% virtual conference on March 8th, 2015. The virtual conference invites the entire tech and entrepreneurial eco-system to attend the event. The virtual conference will provide a rich learning platform for those interested in pursuing a career in the tech and entrepreneurial world.

The conference has attracted interest from successful tech entrepreneurs from all walks of life some of whom will be on the speakers list at the March 8th virtual conference event. The following are some of the speakers on the list:

*Sandee Kastrul – CEO of i.c.stars

*Emile Cambry – Founder of BLUE1647

*Anthony Frasier – CoFounder of The Phat Startup

*Frank Denbow – Founder of Startup Threads

*Jen Myers – Founder of Code and Cupcakes

*Sian Morson – CEO of Kollective Mobile

The theme for the virtual conference slated for Sunday, March 8th, 10am – 3pm PST (1pm – 6pm EST), will be Tech Entrepreneurship for Everyone. The venue for the event will be 100% online, meaning you will be able to attend from anywhere as long as you have internet access. To see the full and growing list of speakers follow this link.

The following are some tweets already made about the upcoming virtual tech and entrepreneurs conference.

You can get more tweets under #IncDev.

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