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Inclusion 2.0 Summit & Unconference San Francisco | Feb 18

Inclusion 2.0 summit and unconference will take a deeper look at how wisdom practices and technology can be leveraged to bring about inclusion in the community, workplace and startup companies.

Working on the idea that to better understand of ourselves using wisdom and emotional intelligence will make us accord empathy for others, aware of the historical socio-economic challenges that are often being avoided in a conversation. It will also lead to a better understanding of how biases work and how we can change our behaviors in as far as stereotypes are concerned.

Inclusion 2.0 attendants can look forward to an experience that incorporates wisdom, technology and inclusion into one cohesive foundation leading up to a successful brand, vibrant workforce and a healthy bottom line.

The event will be on Thursday, February 18th at Automatic Lounge at this address; 132 Hawthorne St, San Francisco, CA 94107. It will kick off at 6 PM until 9:30 PM.

Inclusion 2.0 Speakers

Inclusion 2.0 Agenda

Intergeneration Trauma, Mediation and Inclusion.

Mindfulness and Inclusion in the Tech Workplace.

Gender Partnership in Leadership: Everybody Wins.

Building your Personal Board of Directors

Wisdom Activity


For more information about the Inclusion 2.0 event, and/or to register, follow this link.

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