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Increasing Your Facebook Conversions Using Google Analytics

by Fahad Saleem
facebook conversations insights google analytics

Increasing Your Facebook Conversions Using Google Analytics

If you have a Facebook page for your business or promotions, you might be worrying how to increase your Facebook conversions. This review will provide you a better guideline. Newly introduced Insights for page owners by Facebook is an awesome tool to analyze the audience behavior. Learning Facebook with Google analytics, from the business view and getting large Facebook audience, all will be discussed in this article.

Know Your Highest Audience

Mostly your business is at its peak when you know what the audience is looking for. But what is important is to analyze what they come for and when they come. The situation is a little bit different now. This great feature of Google Analytics, alarms you about the users that visit to your page. You can easily analyze what age factor and which gender constitutes your major audience. Events are conversions and that should be analyzed with much care. Google Analytics generates proper reports for you view and learn your audience. So knowing this you can understand and evaluate what type of posts are liked by audience ultimately making you the center of everyone’s eye.


Find Audience Gaps on your Page

So once you are familiar what type of audience you have got, now you are able to evaluate the fans of your page and comparing it with Google Analytics. Use FaceBook Insights for this. The ratio of the visitors on your page to the Facebook fans is a clear eye opener. So you will find what else should be done to minimize the gap. Insights and Analytics are the best tools to understand what should be added more.


Understand Audience on your Page

A step before you are producing some new content for increasing your optimum audience, it’s important to analyze audience a little better. Using Facebook Audience Insights, you can filter that only shows your optimum audience in your desired markets. Go to your Facebook Audience Insights control panel. Navigate to the left column, click the demographics you want information about e.g. you can select any age limit.  Try using your interest based and industry/field related keywords. Keep on filtering till you find the exact audience. Identify those interests related to your industry as you will need it soon. Click Save from the top menu, name your audience (any keyword for remembering) and click Save again.

facebook conversations insights google analytics

Create Targeted Content for Targeted Audience

Attractive and fresh material is always a way to get other’s attention. The targeted content marketing on your FaceBook page is very beneficial. Now that depends on you that what kind of ideas you are generating for the promotion and attraction. A great strategy here is to push your updates when most of the audience is online. You have to judge that time your fans and audience gets online.

facebook conversations insights google analytics

Use FaceBook Ads and Campaign

Advertisements are the best and the fastest way that convey your words to the audience in almost no time. FaceBook ad campaigns is a mind blowing tool for such purpose. You can easily reach your audience using FaceBook ad that is a shortcut way for connecting your audience and filling the gap. This costs you some dollars but is an efficient way of promotion. Try using Ads create tool and select the targeted audience when you launch your campaign.

It’s not much difficult to analyze your audience by using Facebook Insight along with Google Analytics. This kind of analysis is much important mostly for some business personals.

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