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Incredible Innovation in Video Games and Online Casinos: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Other


Technology changes our daily lives in an extraordinary manner, and this influence can be seen in all sorts of activities, including gambling. Online gambling, as much as video games in general, heavily relies on technological development. Over the past decade, we’ve seen tons of new technologies disrupting the industries worldwide, and the online casino industry is no exception here. There are tons of incredible innovations that reshape the way we play games and have the potential to improve our gaming experience even further. Today, we are going to take a close look at some of the innovations that are likely to change the industry.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is likely one of the biggest trends across the industries, and the gambling industry is no exception. It has also been introduced to online casinos. As of now, it is primarily used for chatbots within particular casinos, but it can also serve a greater purpose for the industry as a whole. The AI can create suggestions for the gamers leading to the best casino with high payout rates. Of course, to find the best paying online casinos, you might also want to check the review from professionals who can give some solid suggestions regarding each website. That way, you can be sure the casino is approved by the real players and not just AI. The AI, however, can make the process of finding the new casino much easier and faster.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

If there’s been any huge buzz-word throughout the late 2010s, it’s cryptocurrency. People have been and still are talking about those, try to make money out of them, and try to comprehend what makes cryptos and blockchain so special. For the gaming industry, cryptos like Bitcoin mean seamless, fast, and secure transactions, which is quite essential for online casinos. Of course, there are other ways to convey digital transactions; almost everyone out there has a credit card and an e-wallet, so there’s literally no problem using those. Cryptocurrencies, though, are more convenient in that regard, and that is exactly why pro-gamblers use cryptos as the easiest way to deposit and withdraw money to and from their accounts.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Now that is where things start to get truly exciting. All that hustle and bustle around AI and cryptocurrencies is helpful and all, but it does not really make a difference to your actual gambling experience. With such innovations as virtual reality and augmented reality, things are going to get much more fun for the players. Augmented reality is a new trend in mobile gaming, and it will soon take over online casinos too. Just imagine being able to project a poker table with all the players straight on your computer desk or having dozens of virtual slot machines in your living room. All of that is possible, thanks to the augmented reality.

Virtual reality works a bit differently – instead of projecting a variety of digitally generated objects into your surrounding reality, it completely immerses you into a virtual world using special devices. There already exist virtual reality helmets that allow you to get into a completely different environment without actually leaving your room. Just imagine how we’ll all be able to get to the live 3D casino that looks exactly like an actual thing using our virtual reality helmets. We will be able to even enter virtual copies of the famous casinos and play live dealer games with actual people.

Mobile Gaming

One of the most amazing innovations that have already changed the gambling industry is mobile gaming. It allows players to enjoy their favorite games anywhere they go without having to stay home. The only thing required is a stable Internet connection. You can now enjoy all sorts of entertainment straight from your phone, which makes casino games more accessible and popular. This gambling technology is really convenient to those of you who cannot or don’t want to stay at home all the time while playing games – for that reason, it is one of those amazing innovations that are already in place and make things so much better and more exciting for millions of players around the world. You can do anything you want and access all the games you like from your smartphone, starting with slots and ending with more complicated live games.

Improved Security

Innovations have made our gaming experience so much better and so much more secure. Thanks to blockchain technology, it becomes nearly impossible for fraudsters to access your private data. Such technologies as fingerprint and facial recognition also make it much harder or nearly impossible for other people to access your information. For casinos, where security and safety are paramount, such technologies are essential, so it comes as no surprise that the owners of online casinos worldwide are fast to adopt these innovations and make sure players are entirely safe while playing there.

Wrap Up

Innovations truly change the way we approach our daily lives, and that is the case with online games too. Casinos do their best to integrate the new technologies to improve your experience and make sure you are having a real blast while playing these games. Of course, we cannot predict all the changes that might influence the industry over the next couple of years, but we already see how the current technologies change it and influence the customer experience in a positive manner. What we are also sure of, is that the new tech will continue to disrupt that industry bringing new possibilities to the players and casino owners alike.

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