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Infiniti Warranty Overview | Basic Coverage and Warranty Options


The Japanese automaker Nissan is well known for its reliability. Nissan is the parent company of the luxury brand, Infiniti that officially started selling branded vehicles in 1989.

It may be true that Nissan is not as popular as Subaru or Toyota but it’s not far behind. RepairPal places the Nissan automakers of Japan at 9th out of 32 manufacturers of cars with a high reputation and reliability with selling their vehicles in over 50 countries worldwide.

However, reliable cars are also exposed to breakdowns for which they routinely require maintenance just like any other automobile. For this purpose, it is significant to have a warranty from a solid manufacturer for your car. It is because you should not spend your own money on the replacement of brake pads.

So in this article, we will let you know what is covered by the brand Infiniti in their manufacturer warranty.

An Overview Of Infiniti’s Factory Warranty

Fortunately, the warranty for Infiniti automobiles is exquisite and comprehensive along with being reliable for their customers.

The standard warranty coverage includes:

Basic coverage for four years and sixty thousand miles

Powerful powertrain coverage for six years for seventy thousand miles

The corrosion coverage with unlimited mileage for seven years

Seat belt warranty for ten years

Basic coverage with genuine Infiniti accessories for one year and must be purchased with the vehicle

Furthermore, the federal emission warranty includes:

The federal emissions performance warranty for two years with twenty-four thousand miles

The federal emission defect warranty for four years with sixty thousand miles

The federal emission long term defect warranty for eight years with eighty thousand miles

The California emission performance and defect warranty for four years and sixty thousand miles

The California emission long term defect warranty for seven years and seventy thousand miles

While this factory warranty seems quite a mouthful, it does not focus on fixing up all repairs. The most significant basic coverage involves a bumper to bumper warranty. It means everything that is listed in the contract is covered by it except for a few things that aren’t mentioned.

Just like that, the next significant factory warranty includes the powertrain warranty that only repairs the drivetrain, engine, and transmission in its first six years of purchase.

What’s Not Covered In The Infiniti’s Factory Warranty?

After a comprehensive overview of Infiniti’s warranty coverage, let’s take a look at the things that are not included in its warranty.

Emission control systems, tires and seat belts (covered separately by the above-mentioned warranty)

Routine maintenance such as tire rotation or oil change, etc.

Renovation for accidental repairs, misuse or normal wear or tear

Damaged caused by alteration or modification

Damage caused by environmental factors or natural disasters such as flooding, lightning, tree sap, etc.

The Infiniti Extended Warranty

An extended warranty covers you even after the factory warranty. It definitely saves you a whole lot of money if you plan to keep the vehicle for longer.

Infiniti itself is a highly reliable automaker so whether carrying an extended warranty is worthy or not, is your personal preference.

Furthermore, make sure to check out the Infiniti extended warranty pricing, and to get more information about what’s covered by Infiniti extended warranty and what’s not, you must ask your dealer before purchasing the vehicle.

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