Ingressive Announces First Annual Tour of Tech in Lagos, Nigeria

Ingressive Announces First Annual Tour of Tech in Lagos, Nigeria

If you haven’t heard, Africa is on the rise.  From poverty to progress, the continent’s talented entrepreneurs are paving the way for innovation, investment, and growth.  Rather than sit idle, Ingressive is offering interested investors the opportunity of a lifetime.

Ingressive will be leading a Tour of Technology to DEMO Africa this year to experience first-hand the potential of some of the continent’s most innovative minds.  The startup expo is recognized as the launch pad for technology and trends on the continent, and brings together Africa’s most influential leaders and thinkers.

DEMO Africa’s Executive Producer, Harry Hare, touched on the importance of investor presence at such events.

“Investor confidence is a key driver of the efforts to boost tech entrepreneurship across Africa.  Ingressive’s move to lead other investors to DEMO Africa is commendable.  I believe it is such actions that will inspire more entrepreneurs to heed the call of shouldering the responsibility of steering Africa towards economic growth and stability.” 

The investors’ participation in DEMO Africa is one component of what Ingressive has announced as their first annual Tour of Tech.  The trip will take place from September 20-27 in Lagos, Nigeria.  Ingressive has partnered with the highly acclaimed and locally based travel agency, Tastemakers Africa, to ensure a well-rounded and authentic experience.  In addition to DEMO Africa, investors will also partake in She Leads Africa’s Entrepreneur Showcase, the continent’s most prestigious showcase for women-led startups.

Stop reading about the promising startup scene in Africa, and join Ingressive for a chance to engage and collaborate with the talented pool of people promoting growth on the continent.

For more information about Ingressive, or to learn more about the fall investor trip visit

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