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Innovation Boot Camp to teach Coding Skills to Kenya’s 12 – 19yr Olds Launched

by Milicent Atieno
Innovation Boot Camp to teach Coding Skills to Kenya’s 12 - 19yr Olds Launched

In the modern world, it is no longer just enough to learn how to operate and work using a computer. Basic computer literacy is no longer the threshold to say that you have what it takes to compete well in the emerging job opportunities. This is because the world is changing and increasingly revolving around technology. These changes have also brought a new market for doing business, creation of digital products for digital consumers.

To venture and thrive in these new markets you need more than just being computer literate; you need to be computer savvy. By this, I mean you need to know how to create digital products, learn how to monetize your time and investment while on the digital platform. It entails a number of things including web designing, graphics designing, apps creation, software creation, information system establishment and management among others.

The African continent with all honesty cannot be said to be currently well positioned to leverage on this new emerging markets. Especially when compared to Western countries and the increasingly tech-savvy Asian countries. Tech skills need to become a mainstream thing in Africa. That is the only way we are going to stop importing most of the technology we use from offshore countries.

The best way to do this is to introduce the African youths to learning technology skills as early as possible. It is in following that spirit that the United States International University-Africa (USIU) and the Tech Republic have teamed up to launch the Innovation Boot Camp.

An initiative to teach Kenya’s primary and secondary school students aged 12 – 19 how to code and things they could create through coding. Given learning how to code is an essential requirement for becoming a producer of digital products that could fetch an income in this increasingly tech-centric world.

The Innovation Boot Camp was launched this week and will run for five days. During which the students will learn how to do web designing, computer programming, app development, blogging, digital marketing and social media skills among others. They will be under the guidance and tutoring of top instructors from the Tech Republic.

Amanda Gicharu, a co-founder of Tech Republic said, “Our approach is centered on creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. We are teaching our students to create and grow their own apps and online presence whiles maintaining a strong academic and practical focus.”

The program is open to all public school students in Kenya, and they will be required to pay an admission fee of only Ksh7,100 ($69). The fee will cater for their meals and training materials during the five days of training.

For more information about the Innovation Boot Camp, head on to their website by clicking here.

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