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Innovation In Recruiting: 5 Fresh Ideas To Improve Your Career Site


Are you suffering from an old, outdated career site that is stuck in 2001? Are you leading an organization with a clear mission, but finding it difficult to attract potential applicants that share your worldview?

It’s 2021, and if you’re listing jobs on your site without engaging future employees, you are missing out on an opportunity to tell a valuable story about your brand and what your company has to offer. Let’s discuss a few fresh ideas to breathe life into your career site and take your recruitment strategy into the new decade.

1. Focus On Authenticity To Connect With Top Talent

Young talent is less interested in “settling” with a job to pay the bills; The employees you’re looking to attract likely want to work for a company that aligns with their values and worldview. This starts with a uniquely modern approach to your talent acquisition that is rooted in authenticity.

Focus on what sets your company apart. What are your values? What is the company culture like? Do you have any philanthropic ties to highlight on your career page? Are you committed to hiring a diverse team? Stay authentic and you will attract young talent with a fresh perspective to your company.

2. Incorporate Employment Branding As A Marketing Tool To Maximize Engagement

Employment branding is the future of recruitment. When you are engaging with potential employees online, you need to view your career site as a marketing tool that sells your company’s brand identity rather than just a place to post a job opening.

When you incorporate employment branding into your recruitment strategy, you create a fresh, modern marketing tool that engages young talent and inspires them to be a part of your company’s story. Once you shift your mindset and recruit through employment branding, you’ll begin to see an increase in qualified engagement.

3. Incorporate Your Social Channels To Stay Current

In order for your career site to stay fresh, experts recommend linking your social media channels and ensuring they are current. A recent Glassdoor study found that 79% of job seekers use social media when searching for a new job, and 84% of corporations are using social media to recruit new talent to their company.

Social media is becoming an essential recruitment tool, and CareerArc social recruiting is growing nationwide. Stay active on your organization’s social channels, link them to your recruitment site, and engage often with job opportunities, creating compelling posts that lead candidates to your career site.

4. Consult Site Analytics To Target Areas For Improvement

Use the power of analytics to see where potential employees are engaged and where they are dropping off while browsing your career site. To ensure your website is getting traffic, consider investing in analytics software to better track this engagement and evaluate which pages on your site are running effectively and which need some work.

Google Analytics is a great place to start if you want real data on who is visiting your page, for how long, and at what point potential recruits stop scrolling and exit your career site. The base-level service is free with premium add-ons for a fee.

5. Take A Stance On Current Events To Stay Relevant

In the past year, we have seen an uprising for social and political change across the nation. Much like the commitment to authenticity, new talent wants to see that your company has taken a stance on the issues that matter most to young job seekers in this economy.

Take a stance on current events on your social media channels, and ensure your career site highlights your company’s policies on the importance of diversity, a zero-tolerance harassment policy, and a commitment to equality in the workplace regardless of gender identity. In order to recruit top talent, you can’t stay stuck in the past. Make statements on your career site that encompass your values and put potential employees at ease.

Rooting your brand in authenticity, taking a stand and highlighting your organization’s values, and incorporating your social channels as well as fresh employment branding into your recruitment strategies will breathe life into your career site and attract qualified applicants with fresh perspectives to your company.

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