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Innovative Ways Technology Is Being Used In Outdoor Games

Innovative Ways Technology Is Being Used In Outdoor Games

It’s virtually impossible to keep count of the number of innovations that happen in the gaming industry on a daily basis. Even in its infancy, mobile gaming sees more growth in a couple of weeks than original consoles did in years. A large reason for this is because almost everyone plays games – especially kids.

The average teen male spends around 670 hours per year playing video games. By the time most people celebrate their 21st, they will have spent over 10,000 hours gaming. In comparison, you could earn a college degree in 4,800 hours. You could learn the guitar in 260 hours. Salsa dancing is a mere 40 hours.

What’s Driving The Innovation?

It goes without saying that getting most kids to go cold turkey on gaming is simply not going to happen. A great way around this is to introduce alternatives that are just as fun – but healthier. This is where outdoor games come in. These games get you outside, social, and active, both mentally and physically.

The best part is that they’ll genuinely enjoy playing these games as they replicate the very thing that’s keeping them inside. This is why, as of late, there have been some impressive innovations in this industry. Let’s take a look at two of the most noteworthy.

Laser Tag

If history and the fact that First Person Shooters are one of the most popular gaming genres is anything to go by, people really like to shoot each other. Of course, replicating this experience in real life isn’t exactly advisable. Unless you use lasers.

All you need is a team, some equipment, and a dimly lit arena so that you can see your lasers. The technology is pretty impressive. Each soldier is fitted with a vest that features a unique identifier. This identifier is triggered when hit by the “lasers” that your opponent fires at you.

These handsets fire two lasers – one is visible, and the other is the infrared beam that sends the actual signal to the vest. It’s fun, unique, and as safe as it gets.

Escape Rooms

Your team is given an hour and one objective: escape. These specially designed premises feature a variety of challenges such as puzzles, hidden item searches, and unique themes. Some rooms also feature passcode-locked doors and boxes, which require you to solve numerous challenges to unlock.

It’s highly reminiscent of the puzzle and adventure games that kids have known and loved for years. This makes for a familiar and enjoyable experience for kids of all ages. This escape room Atlanta is highly recommended and features a plethora of themed rooms to choose from.


Outdoor games are still in their infancy, and there is much more innovation to come. As more kids are encouraged to head out and experience these games more often, the more driven companies will be to improve their products. Next time you have a free weekend, turn off the console, call up some friends and show your kids that they can enjoy the outdoors.

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