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Inside the Office Of Pinterest: Awesome Workplace Photos

by Fahad Saleem

Inside the Office Of Pinterest: Awesome Workplace Photos

The content sharing service, Pinterest has recently moved from the Palo Alto into the new expansive digs at 808 Brannan Street in the San Francisco’s SoMa district. The employees are enjoying the new place. The office comprises two connected buildings. The smaller one of them is occupied by the employees. The larger one is still getting ready for creating a perfect working environment.

Office Of Pinterest 1

Office Of Pinterest 2
Office Of Pinterest 3
Office Of Pinterest 4
Office Of Pinterest 5
Office Of Pinterest 6
Office Of Pinterest 7

The culture of Pinterest office is purely engineering-driven. The employees are quite happy to flourish their skills in different engineering disciplines and create the best user experience on the Pinterest forum. The employees collaborate effectively with each other for accomplishing their mutual objectives. They truly enjoy their work, and are willing to help each other out in different projects.

Office Of Pinterest 8

Office Of Pinterest 9

Office Of Pinterest 10

Office Of Pinterest 11

Office Of Pinterest 12

Office Of Pinterest 14

Office Of Pinterest 15

Pinterest pays its software engineers a very handsome pay that lies on the average around $116738. The employees working on the management side are paid more. The tasks of the software engineers are purely technical. They work in the areas of storing, caching, analytics, spam detection, and engineering efficiency. They work in a healthy environment to design attractive Pinterest features for the users.

You will start reaping the rewards of the hard work and dedication at Pinterest office instantly. The employees enjoy working in a cool environment that is motivating and inspirational to raise the level of Pinterest in competition with other social networks. The employees work with pure dedication and commitment to play their effective role in generating revenues for the company. Plenty of people think that Pinterest is no engineering driven organization. The fact is that the startup is based on advanced software engineering concepts and analysis. The engineers can explore the new horizons here in different software technologies. In short, the employees are quite satisfied with the culture, working environment, salaries, and job nature.

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