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Insta-update Makes Instagram Faster, More Beautiful With Added Features

by Fahad Saleem

Insta-update Makes Instagram Faster, More Beautiful With Added Features

instaInstagram has become the world’s largest photo-sharing social network. Recently, Instagram released another update (5.1) making the application better than ever. Instagram has come very far from when it was first released back in April 2012. Today, it is one of the most remarkable photo-sharing applications simply because it works on a wide array of android devices like it is made for that device, i.e. perfectly.

The same applies to the most recent update to this remarkable application. Simply put, the app is better in many ways which range from easier functionality to quicker loading.

People who were worried about the app taking up too much space can now relax because the size of the app has been cut by nearly a half allowing you to keep the app and keep some free space as well. A revamped interface also gives the app a flatter and sleeker look. Minimalism is the word in all technology and Instagram seems to have embraced the word as well as anyone else with a reduced disk-space and a clutter-free interface. Due to a smaller disk-space, the app loads much more quickly than it did before and works more accurately on a data package as well. Buttons have been re-arranged in a more user-friendly manner and thus can be used more easily.

When we look at the tools, the devices for editing pictures have not been changed much because Instagram seems to be aiming at improving features it lacked rather than change anything. There are no new frames nor any new hues or editing features. The rotation is still the same, but some glitches seem to have been fixed like the problem of an image automatically flipping itself on some devices has been resolved. The screen blackout problem that arose with android devices with an android version which was less than 4.0 has also been resolved and the app runs smoothly with pictures loading with more clarity and accuracy. The videos also load more quickly than before. All in all, it is the same Instagram we all love but with increased speed and accuracy.

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