Instagram Live is a great tool for businesses to connect with their customers – tips on how to do it effectively

Instagram Live is a great tool for businesses to connect with their customers – tips on how to do it effectively

Despite the rising popularity of TikTok, Instagram remains the main marketplace among social media for brands. It offers many options that allow businesses to optimize their activity and engage their target audience effectively. It also now has a quite developed system of paid services. How many times when you buy things after watching a video, you noticed how many Instagram live views it has, and how many ig video viewers have also bought things here? Probably you never gave much thought about it, but be sure, the algorithms on this social platform do their job well, so you were staying engaged for the longest time. And shopping is one of the most time-consuming and engaging things. From this article, you will learn how to use Instagram Live to elevate your brand’s profile online. 

Why You Should Use Instagram Live For Business

There are four main factors that you must consider when you are thinking of implementing this feature in your promotion strategy. Here are the benefits of having Instagram live in your instrument range:

  • Engagement. Being an ongoing event, live streaming on Instagram is an activity by default, which attracts users, who look for something to do online. And unlike stories, that last no longer than 60 seconds, on your stream people can spend more time. 
  • Originality. The format of Instagram streaming provides the chance to expose original and fresh content that is not so engaging when posted on schedule. For example, product launches, workshops, or unpacking work best when the form of a live presentation.
  • Discoverability. The trick of Instagram live is that when you launch it, the icon appears in the upper left corner of the interface, right before the line of stories, which makes your profile noticeable to users. 
  • Fear Of Missing Out. When someone starts a stream, all followers will get a notification that informs them about the event. Even though not all people fall for that, many users would feel the urge to go see what’s going on. 

Tips For Hosting Great Instagram Live 

Drive The Attention To Your Stream Beforehand 

To motivate more users to watch your live stream, tell them when they should expect it. The most obvious and easy way is to use the countdown sticker from stories, which works pretty well, despite the lack of originality. You can also create a post or series of stories to explain why your followers shouldn’t miss it and to heat the interest in the event. Make sure that the main reason to see your stream remains an intrigue. 

Decide When Is Your Best Time To Be Online

Timing of the live stream is very important because it can improve the quantity of viewers that you will get. You need to synchronize the time when you appear online with the biggest activity of your followers. This synergy can improve your view rate drastically, especially if your plan is accompanied by supporting content. 

Secure High-Quality Video

Producing a stream can be challenging because the quality of the image depends on the capacity of the device. To enhance your visuals, you don’t have to change your device for better characteristics. The first thing to do is to provide decent light and backdrop for your stream. Choose the location before the actual stream and check how it works for you. Natural light is preferred, so use the place that has enough sources of it. Of course, a round lamp is a good addition to your stream, because it will help you to expose details closely. 

However, don’t try to create a perfect image. For example, if you have a home business, and your kid runs around occasionally – it is okay because this is what real life is. And it will be a nice detail that humanizes you and helps to establish a closer connection with your followers

Don’t Forget Your Branding 

For better recognition and connection, you must create accents in your visuals that will remind users about your brand. Of course, your product has to be a centerpiece in any case. A good idea is to play a hide-and-seek game with your viewers, having them find your logo or so. And prizes provided, of course. Even if your product is virtual, you must place branded items somewhere around you to underline that all happening here is dedicated to your business. 

Make A Series

For increasing your engagement rate consistently, you can intrigue your followers by having your topic for Instagram live divided into a few chapters. This way you can have a secure range of topics to take on when you lack new information to share, and also motivate your audience to follow the updates carefully. 

It’s kind of a content plan for you, where you can intertwine planned content and spontaneous events. Make sure that you leave a gap for placing something unexpected while still having a set schedule. 

Some Ideas To Inspire With

Stream Offline Events

As a brand owner, it is a fact that you visit some industry events, exhibits, or festivals. Use it as a way to communicate with your audience and share with them more details about your niche. Many of such events are closed for casual visitors, so it is a good chance to drop some exclusive content for your followers and increase your value.

Collaborate With Bloggers

Another way to attract more attention to your profile and your product, you should invite guests! And who could be a better guest for Instagram, than a local social media celebrity? Influencers have a trust-proof audience that will watch your stream with a positive vibe already. Use their authority to elevate your product and add some value to your stream. Some people will be attracted by the presence of their favorite blogger only, but you will have a chance to convince them to become your followers as well, and then – loyal customers. 

Host Workshops

Depending on the industry you are in, it is great to share some insights from your industry, and show how your product is made. The form of a tutorial works best because here you can explain how it is done in real life, and provide valuable information to your customers. 

Unbox Your Product

Another excellent idea for an Instagram live is to make a stream dedicated to unboxing your item. Nowadays the value of a package is bigger than ever. People love thought-trough and original packaging because it provides positive emotions, joy, and curiosity, and it is fun! Another aspect that many users will pay attention to is if your packaging is cruelty-free, if is it healthy for the environment, and on live streaming, you can discuss not only the wrapping itself but the environmental initiatives that you take into account as a brand owner. 


Instagram live is a helpful tool for your brand promotion, that can enhance your relationships with customers, actual and potential ones. Live streaming is a comfortable way for communicating with the audience in real time of and accentuating your product. Use Instagram streams for a bigger content variety on your Instagram profile, capturing more users and motivating them to buy your items.

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