Instagram now enables you to ask open-ended questions in Story


Instagram is working on making public opinion polling easier on the photo-sharing app. While the feature is has been available on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram did not have this feature. Well, there has been some element of it on, but just not as advanced like in other platforms.

However, Facebook Inc., is set to beef up public opinion polling on Instagram by now enabling users to ask open-ended questions in Stories. Previously, the option a user has was asking either a Yes/No question or set up a multiple choice question to an ephemeral content. Where people taking the poll had to scroll through an emoji slider; with literally emoji slide on a scale to express their emotion.

Going forward, users will now be able to pose an open-ended question to their Instagram followers. That means, respondents can now give lengthy answers. So as it works out, (for instance), you can ask your followers for their opinion on your outfit. You followers can then delve into the details; that means they can respond in as many characters as they wish; this is not Twitter, they can write you an entire script if they want.

Though the feature is not yet available to everyone (not just yet), as it appears it is still a pilot program, and Instagram will in due time roll it across the globe.

As of now, when you pose a question on your Instagram Stories, the response come to you via direct messages (inside your inbox). However, as Instagram continues to develop user engagement on the public opinion polling front, there might come a time where both the question(s) and response are availed for everyone; it was after all public opinion polling. Though that remains, a subject of speculation and Instagram has not given official communication along that line.

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