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Instagram Reels: How to Use it to Increase Your Engagement



Instagram Reels is the new feature from Instagram that has gained a lot of traction. Creators have flocked to this new feature as a source of producing new types of content. This feature lets you post short videos and is displayed in a separate section of the application. Reels can have a positive impact on your account. You must buy active and real followers on instagram to increase the number of followers.You need to know the tricks that help you get the most out of reels. As it is a new feature, content posted on it is great to gain engagement on Instagram. In this article, we have listed the best methods to use Instagram reels

1. Innovative content

Instagram Reels is an amazing platform for showing off your creativity. With the addition of reels to Instagram, many creators have started to focus on those. Reels are filled with daily trends. These trends cause the platform to soon overflow with the same type of content. This leads to the platform becoming stagnant. People who use their creativity and come up with original ideas do well on the platform. Your idea does not have to be a masterpiece but should be different from the content out there. Users appreciate a variety of content and with time it will increase your engagement.

2. Focus on editing

Since reels tend to use different video and audio combined it becomes important to have good editing. When making the reels ensure that the audio and video sync together. The audio must be complementary to the video. Often transitions are used when making reels. These transitions make your content more appealing provided they have been edited properly. All of your transitions should be smooth. The entire video and audio must be matched to avoid any abrupt elements in the video. Your editing should make the video a pleasurable viewing experience. You should try to use trending audio as it helps engagement. But trying to use trending audio should never lead to compromising on the quality of the content.

3. Follow the format

Reels have a format that they want you to stick to. The format is a video shot in portrait mode of a smartphone. This helps you to get the best effect from the video. To ensure that your videos follow the best format, shoot the video and edit it from reels. Instagram loves to push content that uses all the new tools introduced by them. Shooting and editing the videos directly through the application. You can use videos from other applications as a reel but it limits your capabilities to an extent. When repurposing content from other sources, remember to use a tool that does not leave a watermark. Instagram does not promote reels that have a watermark from other applications. To gain engagement on Instagram, try shooting the reels from the application. 

4. Utilize captions

Captions are the only elements that a viewer gets to see apart from your video. You have to write an impactful caption to get viewers to your account. Your caption should be able to attract them to interact with your post. The secondary function of the caption is to house the suitable hashtags that you use. A simple analysis of your audience and the trending topics will help you find the best hashtags. Add hashtags relevant to your audience and the content for best results. Try adding a question in your captions. This will get more viewers to comment on your reels leading to a better engagement.

5. Promote your reels

Promoting your reels is the first step of increasing your visibility on the platform. Instagram will not promote all of your reels. You should manually promote them to reach wider audiences. The best tool for this is your stories. Use Instagram stories to link your reel. Using this you will be able to alert your audience about a new reel. If you are looking to maximize the promotion, try cross-promotion. Promote your reels on other forms of social media. This will help you get more viewers on your reels.

6. Focus on a niche

Reels have a global audience. The audience differs from one another in terms of the content they prefer. You cannot possibly cater to all of their content demands. It is advised that you focus on a particular niche. Having a  niche will help you to successfully target a particular audience for more views. There are many well-performing niches on the platform. You have to choose the one that plays to your strengths. When you are looking to gain engagement on Instagram, sticking to a niche is a priority. This helps you fine-tune the content you should post.

7. Post savable content

The new Instagram algorithm has changed the way interaction and engagements on Instagram works. Preferential treatment is given to content that gets saved. The biggest criteria for your content to be promoted is to have a high number of saves. There are particular types of content that people like to save. These mainly include videos that impart knowledge or have something worthwhile to offer. Creating videos that have tips or unknown techniques regarding different subjects has a better chance of being saved.

8. Post duet and collaborations

To get a good engagement on Reels you will have to have high viewership. Being able to reach new audiences also helps to improve the much-needed engagement. Collaborating with popular creators in your niche can help you improve viewership. You will have a greater viewership as the audience of the creator will also watch the reels. These provide good opportunities to buy followers. Using the duet feature you can collaborate on the same reel with popular creators. Try using these methods to reach a new audience.


Reels can be used to gain reach and engagement on Instagram. When you start making reels you might have a slow start but will soon start gaining an audience. Using the method above will help you reach your engagement goals faster. Instagram Reels is a promising platform that can help you grow your Instagram account as a whole.

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