How To Install CyanogenMod 11 On Nexus 5 [Guide]

 How To Install CyanogenMod 11 On Nexus 5 [Guide]

The CyanogenMod 11 was released some days ago and no one was willing to try it out on their device. It was a good idea because no one knew what the outcome would be. Cyanogen 11 has come with its M6 build. We were all waiting for it to be available on our devices and we wanted to know step by step configuration for our device. Now it is available on the Nexus 5 device and here we will discuss how you will be able to root your device and get the CyanogenMod 11 on your Nexus 5.

There have been a lot of issues of bricked devices so you will try to root your device on your own risk. Below are written some of the requirements to root your Nexus 5.

Files Needed:

You will be needing the M6 build of CyanogenMod 11 and it is available here.

The Nexus 5 device we will use for the root has TWRP installed in it.

Here are the steps to root your device and get the CyanogenMod 11 M6 build on your Nexus 5.

  1. Make A Backup:

It is always advised to back up your data every time you try something new on the device. You don’t know what the consequences might be and this is why it is advised that you make a backup. We will reset the device to its factory settings

  1. You Will Need To Copy Files To Your Phone:

Once you have download the CyanogenMod 11 files, you will transfer them to your device.  You can copy the files to the root of your SD card and if your device isn’t using a SD card, then you can copy the files to the internal storage memory.

  1. You Will Boot Phone Into Recovery Mode:

You will shut down your Nexus 5 and press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Keep on pressing both of the keys until and unless you see the Android bot. You will see Start written on top. You will go through the options using your volume keys and you will have to locate the Recovery mode. Once you find it, you will press the power button in order to select the Recovery mode.

  1. There Will Be A Factory Reset:

You should be crystal clear about this that you will lose all of your data once you factory reset your phone. That means all of your apps, texts, photos, videos etc. If you are using TWRP you will select the wipe option. The factory reset shouldn’t take a lot of time.

  1. You Will Flash The ROM:

Once everything is done, you will go back to the main screen. You will see an install option. Here you will select the files you downloaded to your SD card. You will see the zip file, and name of the file will be ‘’. You will select the option saying add more zips. Here you will select the ‘’ option. You will be asked whether you want to flash. You will tap on the confirm button and it will flash. After everything is set and done, you will select the reboot system option.

These are the complete steps in order to get CyanogenMod 11 on your Nexus 5 device.

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