How to Install iOS 10 Without Developer Account Right Now

Apple launched iOS 10 in its Worldwide Developers Conference and the world is going berserk because of the immense features and usability tweaks added by the tech giant in its new mobile OS. As expected, Apple rolled out iOS 10 installation for the Developers account holders initially, but you can install iOS 10 without developer account too. You will need not to indulge yourselves in the dry details of developer account, UDID registration and other details as you can install iOS 10 beta right now without developer

account using a trick which we are going to tell you in this article. Apple announced that normal users, non developers will be able to get their hands on iOS 10 beta sometime in July, but we are well aware of the fact that a lot of users cannot wait that much. So let’s see how to install iOS 10 in iPhone right now.

In order to do the trick to have iOS 10 installed on your phone, you need to have a verified Apple Configuration Profile which bridges itself with OTA update to the beta firmware.

A couple of things before we start. You must backup your iPhone or iPad on which you are going to install iOS 10. This is really important as you cannot afford to lose any of your data in this, somewhat technical, process. You device should also be compatible with iOS 10. You can check Apple website to see the list of compatible websites.

Install iOS 10 Without Developer Account Right Now

Launch Safari in your iPhone or iPad in which you want the new OS and open the following link

You will see a “Download as a Free Member” button. Hit that button to download the profile in your device.

You will now be asked to select the device which is being used or preferred. Just select iPhone.

You will now see another screen on which you will get an “Install” button. Use that button to install the complete profile. Your device will be restarted after installation.

After your iPhone is restarted, just launch Settings app in iPhone and head over to Software Update you will be happy to see iOS 10 Developer Beta OTA update ready for installation here.

Now tap Download and wait for the OS to be downloaded and installed in your iPhone.

After updating, you should restart your device once. That’s it. This is how to install iOS 10 without Developer account for free right now. In case you face any hiccup or problem, comment on this post with your device details and we will get back to you.


Fahad Saleem

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