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Intel unveils a prototype of a Dual-Screen Laptop of the Future

by Felix Omondi
intel Dual-Screen Laptop

For all intents and purposes, Intel is known for making processors, but it has very little fingerprint when it comes to making hardware. Though there is that smart-glasses it’s rumored the company had been trying out a while back, but the bottom-line is, when it comes to hardware, the company has little to write home about.

Nonetheless, the company has unveiled a design concept for a dual-screen laptop of the future. The prototype laptop features a regular LCD display and an electronic paper display with hinges in between them making them fold like a book.

It is said, the electronic paper display hardly consumes any power, and it is meant for writing on using a stylus pen. While the other LCD display works like any other regular (LCD) display. It appears the laptop concept comes in when you prop the device in laptop shape with the LCD acting as display and the electronic paper display as a touchscreen Dual-Screen Laptop

The prototype is somewhat similar in design to the Lenovo Yoga Book; one of the only two dual-display devices showcased at the Computex this year.

intel Dual-Screen Laptop Lenovo Yoga Book

Asus also announced Project Precog, two full-color displays. This device comes with two LCD display, one of which can be used as a keyboard when the devices is in laptop mode. They can also be used to run separate tasks as distinct Windows 10 desktops.

intel Dual-Screen Laptop Asus Project Precog

It is still not clear which OEM Intel has shared its prototype dual-screen laptop design with, but there are rumors that Dell is working on a dual-screen device; albeit running on an ARM chip. It has also been said that Microsoft is working on a dual-screen Surface device, but this talk has been running for a while with no confirmation yet from a reliable source.

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