Interns at develop a Universal Locations API for companies in e-Commerce

Interns at develop a Universal Locations API for companies in e-Commerce

In most countries across Africa, the address system is just not working like it should be working. No one knows this more than the courier and delivery service who deliver products to customers’ doorsteps.

It is now emerging that interns working at Nigeria’s top online hotel booking platform have come up with innovative tech workaround that problem. The interns are said to have developed a referencing system for addresses, which will make the problem of locating buildings/places a thing of the past.

The team of interns, led by Olayinka Success, an experienced developer at, have developed a referencing system for addresses that will make delivery companies services a lot easier and faster. The system they came up with uses a unique combination of characters like NG-LA1600-OD-01 to map out a particular place.

The team says when this string of characters is used in tagging a location, it will uniquely identify that specific location on a map down to the exact building. This system will also be used to identify not just a building, but an entire region.

The team argues that when their new addressing system is deployed wide scale, there are going to be numerous benefits at its core. Making locating addresses much easier and faster. You can preview the API now at, it is open for public download and modifications. But it is still in its early stages of development, so some bugs should be expected.

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