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Into the Woods: 10 Wild and Crazy Outdoor Activities for Adults


With cell phones, binge-watching shows, and other digital distractions we are not spending enough time in the great outdoors. The trouble is, a lack of time spent outdoors can lead to a less fulfilling life. 

In fact, people who spent time outside for more than 120 minutes a week were reported in good health 60% more than those who did not. 

But how do we break the cycle and get outdoors and have some fun? We have got you covered! We put together a list of the top 10 outdoor activities for adults to get you outside and active today!

Let’s get started!

1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an adventure sport that is making a comeback. There are many different styles of rock climbing for outdoor climbers. Let’s take a look at what some of your options are for your next adventure.


Bouldering is generally a free climb without any belaying, ropes, or harnesses. Generally, you won’t be climbing higher than 20 feet you are bouldering and you do not necessarily need a partner. 

Top Roping 

This is a style of climbing that is used when the rope is anchored at the top of the route and then the climber belays down. Top roping is thought by most to be the least physically demanding climbing style so it is great for beginners. 

Sport Climbing 

This style of climbing relies on fixed bolts along the climbing route. As the climber ascends they will attach themselves to the fixed bolts for safety and continue their climb. This is a slightly more advanced style of climbing and great for the thrill seeker.

No matter which style you choose, you are bound to have an epic outdoor adventure. Just remember safety first!

2. Outdoor Shooting Range

Whether you are an Annie Oakley style shooter or a total novice spending the day outdoors practicing some shooting skills is an awesome outdoor adventure. Here are some options for your experience. 

Clay Pigeons

Clay pigeons are a fun way to test your accuracy. Bring a friend and use competition rifles to see who is the best shot!

Long Range 

Shooting at an outdoor long range lets you practice your patience and focus in the beautiful outdoors. You can go solo for this or bring a friend.

Shooting Course

An outdoor shooting course is an adrenaline lover’s dream! In these courses you will work your way through a course will shooting realistic targets.

3. Get on the Water

Nothing beats getting out on the water on a beautiful sunny day. You don’t need to be an expert captain to spend your day on a boat though! Here are some options for your next day out on the water!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding gives you a great perspective of the water as you are standing while you make your way. Also, paddleboarding is a fantastic workout for your core!


This hybrid word has been trending over the past few years. What is it though? Cabrewing is a relaxing trip down the river on a canoe or kayak with your friends, but here is the kicker…beer! Pack some cold ones and some snacks and head down the river today!


Check around your state and you will most likely be able to find an area for tubing. Whether it be using a high-speed boat to tug you along or a relaxing float down a lazy river tubing is an excellent outdoor adventure. 

4. Epic Dining

Forget about boring dinner in the house again! It’s time to dine al fresco in style. You can try some of these fun ideas for your next outdoor meal.

Whole Hog Roast

Nothing says adventure like a pig roast! Use your outdoor grill to cook some barbeque side dishes and invite your friends over and get cooking today. 

Midnight Snacks

Grab you and your partner and head out for snacks under the stars. Bring some lanterns and a blanket with your favorite snacks and relax under the stars while you munch on your favorite treats. 

Wine and Cheese

Find your favorite spot, whether it is right in your backyard or at a gorgeous park nearby, and have an outdoor eating fest! Bring your favorite bottle of wine and some unique cheeses and charcuterie and enjoy it!

5. Outdoor Competitions

Gather your friends, family, and neighbors and host a community game day. You can bring back all the classics from things like tug-o-war to egg races. 

Don’t stop there though! For the adults, you can get a little wild! Try upgrading your outdoor games to outdoor drinking games. Try updating some of these classics to involve a beer or two:

Ring toss

Corn hole

Hula hoop competition

Pin the tail on the donkey 

Your neighbors and friends will get a hoot out of these outdoor activities. 

6. Extreme Activities

For the adventurous of heart, being outside might not be enough. Let’s look at some extreme outdoor activities for the thrill-seeker in you!


Nothing says adrenaline rush like jumping out of an airplane! Get a unique perspective on the great outdoors by skydiving with a group of your closest pals. 


Get down and dirty in the wild outdoors! If the weather has been especially rainy and the mud is piling up, find an open area and tear it up! Whether you choose to dirtbike through in or just do donuts in a big truck, mudding is an adventure!

Canyon Swinging 

This craze has swept social media in the past few years. Partakers should not be of the faint of heart. The activity is an adrenaline-pumping mix of skydiving, bungee jumping, and gliding all in one!

7. Host an Adult Backyard Sleepover

Invite your closest friends over for an epic outdoor sleepover. What a great way to feel like a kid again but also have some grown-up fun. Here are some ideas to make this outdoor activity a night to remember!

Sleeping Arrangements

You could choose to have all of your guests bring their tents and set up a little campout, but if you are looking for a little something more memorable try spicing it up!

Set up a large tent, like the one you would use for a cookout or event. Then once the tent is set up have everyone bring their air mattress and camp out together under the one huge tent!

Drinks and Snacks

Set up a unique drink station that will keep people talking for weeks. Consider setting up a build your own margarita bar or a create your own sangria bar. 

Be sure to stock up lots of water and N/A beverages so everyone has something to enjoy throughout the evening. 

As for the snacks, you should have the classics but update them to adult palates. Consider renting a popcorn machine and have grownup seasonings like truffle salt or chili-lime seasoning. 


Consider renting a projector and showing old movies on the big screen in your backyard while everyone parties under the stars! Another fun idea for your outdoor sleepover is Karaoke. If all else fails keep it original with good old fashioned truth or dare! 

8. Scavenger Hunt

If the weather is nice go on an outdoor scavenger hunt in your home city! You will be shocked at how much you will learn about the town you live in. 

Many downloadable apps take the players on a wild adventure through the city. You will be hunting down landmarks, famous bars and restaurants, and much more all which enjoying the beautiful weather! 

Get a group of friends together and make it a fun competition for added adventures. 

9. Overnight Hiking 

Tap into nature like never before with an overnight hike. Turn off the cell phones and unplug from reality by immersing yourself in the hike. Here are some steps to take to plan the perfect overnight epic hike. 

Step 1: Find the perfect spot. Choose a location that fits your skill level and abilities.

Step 2: Invite your friends! Make it an adventure and take lots of memory filled photos.

Step 3: Pack the essentials. Don’t pack too much or you will be weighed down and you won’t enjoy your trip! Since it is just an overnight hike pack just what you need to get you through the hike and have a little fun around the fire at night! 

Step 4: Hit the road! If you are traveling far make sure that you download a killer road trip playlist that will get your mindset right for the hike!

Always remember no matter how experienced you are with the great outdoors safety is always first! Always let someone know where you are hiking and when you plan to return.

10. Outdoor Obstacle Course

These courses are perfect for a couple’s date day or group activity. You will find yourself ziplining through the wilderness, climbing trees, walking tight ropes, and much more. 

Obstacle courses are a great workout as well. The best part is, you will feel like a kid again!

The Best Outdoor Activities for Adults

We get busy in our lives and many of us neglect to do the self-care we need. Don’t let that be you! With these outdoor activities for adults, you will be able to tap into your inner kid again and make memories that you will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Start adventuring today!

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