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Introducing Caply, a voice-controlled camera for the ultimate hands-free videos and snaps capture

by Felix Omondi

Capturing your greatest adventures out there in the untamed nature deserves a great set of camera lenses. Even if you can afford the fancy top-notch DSLR, it is not something you want to risk damaging or losing while out there in the wild. You might be climbing a long cliff or kayaking down a speeding and bumpy river. Your DSLR is not designed to withstand the shock that comes with such exciting adventure.

Introducing Caply, a miniature camera with the size of your typical lipstick tube, which you can clip on your backpack, hat, and just about anywhere on you where you can hang something. The camera is also easy to operate as it supports voice commands to start/stop recording video footage, and you can take snaps by simple gestures.

So the next time you want to capture a scenic beauty out in nature, and your hands are not exactly free because you are hanging up a cliff. Have Caply attached on you strategically to what you want to capture, and simply give a command to have the footage taken and preserved for a lifetime.

Caply also comes with an impressive battery life. According to the Kickstarter page (yes, it is currently being crowdfunded and has already surpassed the target) the camera can take up to five hours of video footage recording. 24 hours on a time-lapse recording, and 120 hours in standby mode. Yes, it is a miniature device, so how could it possibly store all that picture and video? Well, it comes with support for memory expansion of 128GB on microSD card.CAPLY

The best part of this camera, it that it has assistive touch and voice control. You never really have to do much after clipping it strategically on you. When you want to take a snap, instead of going for a button with your hands, just tap it once. Tap twice to start video recording.

You can also swipe once upwards to take a 10 seconds video footage. When you swipe downwards, you will begin time-lapse recording. Alternatively, you can place the camera 10 meters away and talk to it to spring into action; whether you want to record a video or take a snap.

The Caply Kickstarter campaign has 51 days left for the campaign but has already surpassed its funding goal. At the time of writing this article, the Kickstarter campaign had garnered $60,011 doubling their pledge goal of $30,000.

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