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Introducing Cubes

Introducing Cubes

The new iOS app creates visual collections of the content that matters to users

New York Techweek– Cubes, creators of the mobile app bringing elegance and order to email and cloud-based services, announced the launch of its beta product today at New York Techweek. Available on iOS, Cubes automatically collects, organizes and visually displays files and links from a multitude of services. With everything in one place, users can quickly discover content by type, author, topic or service.

Free on the App Store worldwide, Cubes supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud,, Exchange, Office365 and Dropbox, with additional cloud storage and social media services coming soon.

Highlights of Cubes

Visual collections: All your important files, links, photos and more are beautifully displayed in one place for easy access.

Content, automatically organized: All your email attachments, email links and cloud-based content are collected and arranged into intelligent Cubes.

Create your own Cubes: Curate your content based on interest, project, topic or anything else you’d like. It’s an efficient way to pull together content from different services.

Contact Cubes: Create “contact cubes” to easily see content shared with your most important contacts.

With more businesses adopting SaaS models, and some offices eschewing paper records altogether, cleaning up the cloud has never been more important. Digital content is spread throughout the cloud, making it difficult to find the right content on the go. Cubes not only catalogs files across multiple services, it caters to our innate preference to process information visually.Introducing Cubes

Citing the growing popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, Cubes CEO and co-founder Kalpesh Rathod noted, “Both science and the marketplace show consumers prefer to consume content visually. We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.”

“Our users don’t have to waste time switching between different services or scrolling through lists. Visual collections makes it a breeze to quickly see everything that matters,” Rathod said.

A graduate of engineering and MBA programs, Kalpesh is a serial entrepreneur with experience launching companies. Cubes has already attracted investor backing from former senior executives at Microsoft and Oracle.

Former president of Microsoft Canada and investor Simon Witts said, “Kalpesh and the team have found a sweet spot between elegance and efficiency. Cubes will undoubtedly help mobile professionals be more productive.”

About Cubes

Cubes is a mobile app that creates visual collections to make it easy to find the content that matters. From the Toronto-based team behind Inbox Cube, Cubes automatically collects, organizes and visually displays content from email and cloud-based services. Finally, mobile professionals can view attachments, shared links, photos and files in one place. Find, read and share content more easily with Cubes. Learn more at

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