Introducing Fammle, the Slack for Family to organize house chores, meetups, pickups for your family


Technology has made the world smaller than a village. At a tap on your phone, you will be speaking with your friend halfway around the world. Ironically, it has been eight months since you saw your other friend that lives just next door, and even more shameful, you can’t remember the last time you had a real conversation with some members of your family. Well, other than have you seen my phone charger lying around somewhere here?

Introducing Fammle, the app designed to bring the family closer by making it easier for everyone to do their part to help around the house. Think of it like Slack, but instead of you and your workmates working on that big project, it is you and members of your family coordinating yourselves online in the running of the household chores and family events.

Yes, and just like Slack, you can assign tasks, track plans, schedule events, give out to-do list and much more. That way, everyone in the family can always see what is going on, what tasks need to be done, who is doing it, and so forth.

You get these and more features all at the cost of nothing. That’s right, you will not pay a single dime as Fammle is available for download from the App Store to your iOS device for free. Now you have no more excuse for organizing lame family get-togethers, some chores around the house not being done, or failing to monitor what is going on in your own house.

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