Introducing Instagram Album; post an entire album on the photo sharing social network

instagram album

So far, Instagram has only been allowing you to post just one picture or video at a time. That is about to change with the introduction of Instagram album.

As the name suggests, now you can post a collection of 10 pictures or videos at once on Instagram. That is to say; you can upload an album of photo or videos pertaining to a particular event or occasion. This feature was announced last Wednesday.

How Instagram Album works

Select the 10 photos or videos you want to post on Instagram. The usual editing of photo or video still applies for album uploaded ones, where you can edit each piece using the inbuilt tools on Instagram.

You can also rearrange the order the photos or videos display when shared on Instagram. You can tag individual profile in each picture or video, but the caption and location tag will apply to the entire album collection. Album posts will display using a little album icon located at the top right of a post’s thumbnail.

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