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Introducing Revlio; The App That Makes the World Shoppable

Revlio Launches, Makes the World Shoppable

New Technology Instantly Supercharges Advertising, Social Posts, & Products Via SMS

Mobile shopping has absolutely exploded and overtaken desktop, accounting for 59% of online shopping, according to a June 2015 Internet Retailer article. Revlio is helping drive that trend by transforming every social media post, advertisement, window display, and product into a mobile shopping opportunity via SMS. The breakthrough technology requires no apps to download, no searching, and no URL’s or words to type.

Revlio Launches, Makes the World ShoppableThrough SMS Hash Codes, Revlio eliminates the extra steps between consumers seeing a product and owning it through unique codes that brands can place virtually anywhere

Revlio’s CEO and Founder, Todd Weider, said the idea came to him when his wife ran out of her favorite moisturizer. He thought, “wouldn’t it be great if she could re-order more on the spot with a text message?”

“Revlio is set to lead the way in providing the simplest solution on the planet to shop and access the items we see in our everyday lives through technology everybody can instantly use without any special software or apps,” Weider explained. “At Revlio, we see a new way to crossover and merge the online and offline worlds of consumers, bringing ease and convenience to their mobile shopping experiences.”

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook continue to be primary influencers in consumer’s purchasing decisions. According to a 2015  TrueShip infographic, 74% shoppers rely on Social Media to get more information or reviews about the products they want to buy. With Revlio, social media scrollers can own their favorite blogger’s, couch, or cookware as quickly as they can text “ABC.”Revlio Launches, Makes the World Shoppable

For those who would rather tap than text, Revlio also offers social shoppers the ability to “Tap-N-Own,” taking them to a beautiful interactive gallery of shoppable products that mirrors Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

In addition, consumers have the option to become mobile followers on the Revlio network with the brands they love, allowing brands to follow up with news and promos at a later date using Revlio messaging.

Over 99% of the messages sent through Revlio are delivered and opened in 18 minutes or less. These same messages are also governed by regulatory bodies that eliminate spamming, giving Revlio the highest ROI of any communication channel.

Revlio is currently working with several large beauty supply companies who will be adding the ability to reorder right on their product packaging,  as well as a number of Big Box retailers that will be using its technology in stores, on TV, and in their circulars for the upcoming Holiday season.

As part of it’s launch, Revlio is offering the first 100 brands to sign up, two free months of service. Brands that wish to supercharge their sales can learn more at

About Revlio

Revlio Launches, Makes the World ShoppableRevlio is technology that makes the world shoppable, that is absolutely simple to use.  It transforms and streamlines retail purchasing, discovery of new products and engagement for everyone. Revlio is a new way to crossover and merge the online and offline worlds of consumers, bringing ease and convenience to their mobile shopping experiences.

With a growing list of clients in consumer product industries across the board, Revlio is looking forward to expanding its presence in retail space through 2015 in beyond.

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