Introducing Uber Quiet Mode – where the Driver never has to talk to you

uber quiet mode

We know the economy can be tough, so everybody is always looking for the next networking opportunity to find that someone who knows someone that can open better doors. That is probably why whenever you get into your Uber cab, the driver is always too chatty.

They are simply looking to connect with you, and sometimes not in inappropriate ways. Though we don’t always feel up to it, so you send subtle hints that you are not interested in chat; just getting to your destination. You might do things like put on your earphone, or bend your head over your phone or book (if you are weird enough to still carry hardcover books).

Uber Quiet Mode

Well, you no longer have to give hints or roll up your sleeve and do the hard job of being a jerk and tell the Uber driver you’re not interested in talking. All thanks to a new feature Uber has introduced into the ride-hailing app; the Quiet Mode.

Starting yesterday, commuters using the Uber app (well, those who have already updated the app) have a new Quite Mode feature. That lets the user specify what level of conversation they would like to have with the driver during the Uber ride.

The feature comes in two options, Quiet preferred and happy to chat. The driver will know upfront what level of chattiness to engage with you when you get into the cab. If you as the passenger don’t care what level of chattiness the driver will be on, you can just leave the setting at No preference.

That begs the question; if you select Happy to chat and the driver is not in the mood of chatting or is naturally an introvert. Will you rate them lowly since they did not give you the level of experience expected? That’s food for thought for whoever it is at Uber that came up with this new feature; though we do appreciate its usefulness when the passenger is not in the mood for a conversation with the driver.

Only available on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV trips

According to the senior product manager at Uber, Aydin Ghajar, the ride-sharing company says they appreciate the fact that riders using the Uber Black and Uber Black SUV service, “want a consistent, high-quality experience every time they ride.

With these new features and more to come, we’re excited to ensure that our riders can arrive relaxed and refreshed, wherever they’re headed.”

Other new Preferences features introduced in the latest update include:

Help with Luggage – let the Uber driver know beforehand you will need them to assist you with the luggage

Temperature Control – tell the driver your desired AC temperature inside the vehicle before you get in

Extended Pickup Period – let the driver you might take a little time to get into the car during pickup due to unforeseen reasons

Premium Support – get access to premium phone support with a live Uber agent should something not go the way you want

Professionalism – let the driver know you expect nothing short of a licensed, professional, and experienced drive to your destination. The driver should be on top of his trade

Consistent Vehicle Quality – let Uber know you expect the same kind of rides; in terms of vehicle model,  make, interiors, exteriors, and professional driver

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