Invisible Boyfriend App: Text, Call and Enjoy a Perfect Partner In Just $25 a Month

Invisible Boyfriend App: Text, Call and Enjoy a Perfect Partner In Just $25 a Month

The wildly viral new app “Invisible Boyfriend” invents a person according to your desires. If you have lost your partner, you can get him/her back virtually with the help of this amazing app. This app was released last Monday and it takes the concept of virtual intimacy to provide you with your beloved partner.

When you register for the service, you can design your boyfriend/girlfriend according to your desires. You can pick his name, age, personality traits, and interests. You can dictate the app whether you like tall or short guys, blonde or brunette, addicted to sports or movies etc. You can also create a back story with your partner. For example, you can plot when you met and how your journey of love started. Then, you need to swipe your credit card. You will get your partner for just $25 per month. The imaginary man of your dreams suddenly starts talking to you via texting.

The invisible boyfriend is not a single person in reality. The texting operation of the service is powered by CrowdSource, a St. Louis-based tech company that manages 200,000 remote workers completing micro-tasks. When you send message to your invisible boyfriend, the message routes through the servers, where it is anonymized and assigned to some Fiverr Freelancer or Amazon Turk. The freelancer gets a couple of cents for responding. He will never see any number or name, and hence, he can never get involved in real discussion.

The CrowdSourccing technique to make an Invisible Boyfriend is quite good. It can be used to deceive the user’s friends and family members. The service will receive great appreciation from conservative countries, particularly in South America or Europe.

The developer of the service aims to extend the project to conservative countries. The viral app has gathered attention of a huge community of people looking to get their dream partner. The developer is planning to offer new services to subscribers. Perhaps, your boyfriend mails you letter or ship beautiful flowers for you. He is not worried that the people will become emotionally attached with the fiction he is creating.

Right now, the service is launched for people in US and Canada. It is expected that it will be introduced in more countries with good range of price plans. You must keep in mind that it is just a service, not the substitute of actual Love. So don’t cease the search for the perfect, actual, real soulmate. Meanwhile, enjoy the app! Let us know in the comments about your experience.


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