iPad Pro Review: Detailed Look At Specs, Price, Features

iPad Pro is the biggest iPad yet and is aiming to create just the same impact on its flagging market sales. It is a beautifully designed device with a mighty screen size (12.9’’) and LED-backlit Multi-touch Retina display which ends up showing awesomely crisp and well defined videos and photos. The processor has gone faster with A9X chip and the Apple claims the battery life to last for 10 hours. On the whole, the device is an object of beauty, designed to keep you immersed for hours and promises to provide a processing power that will put many computers to shame. Let’s have a detailed look on all the specs and features in our full iPad Pro review here:

New Features

It is definitely the size that is the biggest change iPad has had over the years. It is powerfully huge and would make you crave for things you would want to watch, and do, and view on an epic large and crisp screen such as this. Plus the new processor which has enabled the iPad Pro to jam pack powerful new apps and tools specifically designed for graphic designers and professionals.

Creativity Focused Apps

iPad Pro has apps which any good designer or creator would long for, or perhaps I has even more. It has got Microsoft designed their Office applications specifically developed for iPad (yes, even presented by Microsoft team at Apple event) and then there are all the adobe apps for photo editing and graphics designing. It has apps like AutoCAD 360, iMovie and uMake to entice up the creative side of you.

Apple Pencil

Apple has finally brought about a stylus which its founder- Steve Jobs- so vehemently rejected even the possibility of. Well, it is here now, and not surprisingly it is beautiful, designed to be a handy tool for creating arts and designing graphics; but most notably it works with almost zero latency.


Key Board

Apple has also introduced a key board for the iPad which sticks with the iPad with a 3 pin jack and draws power from it. Although it lacks a trackpad but works fine for a tablet keyboard.


Other than a faster A9X processor chip and a larger screen, there are no notable hardware changes in iPad Pro as compared to its previous model – iPad Air 2. Let’s see the main hardware components in detail:


As described earlier, the processor is A9X chip which is lot faster than its predecessor A8 and has enabled the iPad Pro to carry heavy performance based apps like AutoCAD 360 and 3D models of human anatomy designed for educating doctors under training.


Apple claims a battery life of 10 hours with web browsing on Wi-Fi, watching video or listening to music. However, in reality it is a little less than 9 hours.



In memory options, it comes with only two of them: 32 GB and 128 GB, unlike the previously offered options when it varied from 16 GB to 128 GB.


Camera resolution stays the same; 8MP for rear iSight camera and a meagre 1.2MP for FaceTime camera. Rest of the camera features also remain same as those of iPad Air 2.


The pricing of the iPad Pro is as heavy as is its screen size when it comes to attracting attentions. It is a fairly high price for a device of this category. The basic model starts at $799 and goes up to $1079 for a Wi-Fi + Cellular model; which almost ends up falling in the range of MacBook Air. So you might have to analyze your needs vis-à-vis the offered iPad Pro features before you jump to conclusions.

To conclude the iPad Pro review, here is the answer to one most important question iPad Pro has raised since its launch:

Can it replace your Laptop?

Well, to say the least, not yet! It is a pretty powerful device and also offers a lot of creativity on the go; but it is just not the device to replace your laptop where multitasking is the most powerful feat and gives more stability than a tablet with a rubber keyboard.



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