iPhone 6 Camera: Everything You Need To Know

iPhone 6 Camera: Everything You Need To Know

Should the photographers upgrade their smartphones to iPhone 6 for experiencing better pictures’ snapping experience? Apple has always offered smartphones with great image capturing capabilities. iPhone 6 is not an exception to this trend as Apple strives to achieve better and innovative results with every new flagship smartphone. This article briefly reviews the iPhone 6 camera features and specifications.

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iPhone 6 Cam

The iPhone 6 camera uses f/2.2 lens and the images are captured via an 8MP CMOS sensor. The image sensor is new as compared to the predecessor. Apple uses the concept of acquiring better focus in camera by using phase detection that is faster than the contrast detection. This feature is especially useful when the user is capturing videos. The subject will stay focused on the camera when he moves towards or away from the lens.

Image stabilization is yet another interesting feature for professional photographers. This feature helps the users to keep the footage steady. iPhone 6 Plus camera contains optical image stabilization that moves the image sensor in order to compensate for the movement while recording videos or capturing still images. The optical image stabilization will work quite well to produce sharp images even in low light provided the subject is stationary. The handheld videos will also be quite smoother and crispier.

The videos can be recorded at 1080p with 60 frames per second that is twice the rate than that offered by the predecessor. However, iPhone 6 still lags behind Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 in terms of capturing high quality videos of 2K resolution. High Dynamic Range (HDR) has also been added as a video option.

The professional photographers and enthusiasts of snapping their memorable events should consider iPhone 6 Plus for the best possible camera experience. The larger size and also the weight of the iPhone 6 Plus will help the users to hold the device steadily while capturing the photos.

In short, iPhone 6 camera is quite good in offering digital image stabilization. However, iPhone 6 Plus provides even better photographic experience with optical image stabilization feature. You will get high quality photos and videos, regardless of lighting.


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