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iPhone 6 Explodes in Pocket of Cyclist, Gives Third Degree Burns

by Fahad Saleem

Owning an iPhone is a cool thing, but many reports after reports these days suggest that smartphones could catch fire, or burst anytime. A latest of such incidents has raised concerns among iPhone 6 users across the world. A 36 year old consultant from Australia, Gareth Clear, was riding his bicycle when he had a fall from his bike. The fall was not something big; it was a normal slip-and-fall from bike accident. But suddenly, Clear felt massive tingling, heat and pain in his backside, where he has his iPhone 6 in the back pocket. He said black matter coming out of the phone down the pants, smearing pain across the elbow and knee and the iPhone caught fire.

Why the phone caught fire? Because companies are trying to dwindle the sizes of the phones, making lithium-ion batteries more prone to fire in case of pressure or impact. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is investigating the incident. Meanwhile, Mr. Clear has issued a video, raising awareness among the iPhone and other smartphone users in general. Experts say that you should not put a smartphone in your pocket while doing activities that could end up in physical impacts on phone.


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