iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, Apple Watch: Review, Price and Buy Dates

 iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, Apple Watch: Review, Price and Buy Dates

It’s been long we’ve been hearing about iPhone 6 and iWatch in Apple events but nothing seems to be very clear and directly from Apple. The wait is almost over since Apple has finally given out something about its products in this mega event about iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iWatch. Apple fans have been freaking out over the delay due to Google and Samsung already having the lead on latest technology wearable devices but Apple simply does not bring something into the market until it is fully mature and ready to be accepted as a hot cake.

Highlights about these devices include 4.7 inch dimensions of iPhone 6, 5.5 inch for iPhone 6 Plus, both having the functionality of NFC for data transfer and tap to pay, something that Google and Amazon is already providing in their latest devices. iWatch is expected to have a lot more than Google Android wearables and this iPhone 6 review will tell you more about what Apple has to offer better than others.

iPhone 6 Review

First things first, let’s have a look at iPhone 6. It definitely looks like an iPhone having Gorilla Glass surface and metal side bounds with a single button same as every version of iPhone before. The differentiating feature between looks of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 is that side bounds are somewhat still flat, but we are not getting sharp edges. Instead, glass surface blends in with side walls in a kind of rounded manner. A small camera can be seen protruding out from the back and there are no other significant changes on the back side. Display is expected to be better than 5S and battery life has an extension too, giving it more than 10 hours extra talk time. Compared to 4 inches iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 definitely looks bigger. This bigger display is having extra-hard “ion-strengthened” screen.

The iPhone 6 review will be incomplete without mentioning the new A8 chip as Apple’s new and faster processor, smaller size and 50% more performance speed that that of A7. This chip is accompanied by a barometer and you will now be able to use your iPhone to calculate relative elevation as well as distance and these cool features will make anyone want to buy iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Plus Review

iPhone 6 Plus comes with the same shape as that of iPhone 6 but has a larger dimensions of 5.5 inches. This is the biggest you can expect an iPhone to get with a Retina HD display and resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This is almost double than that of iPhone 5S. An important feature is that you can now put the home screen in landscape mode, something that Apple didn’t provide before in its phones due to smaller size. iPhone 6 Plus keyboard will also be having extra dedicated keys for copy, cut and paste.


A new gesture introduced in iPhone 6 Plus is reachability. It lets you double tap the screen to reach the top of anything you are reading instead of scrolling all the way up. iPhone 6 Plus has the same 8-megapixel rear camera with a f/2.2 aperture but another feature has been introduced in it for enhanced stabilization. It comes with a next generation iSight Sensors and can capture HDR pictures in single shot.

Apple Watch Review

First thing that Apple cleared is that it will not be called iWatch, it is an Apple Watch. It looks beautiful and can be used as a fashion accessory. It is equipped with abundant functionality for your fitness and plenty of apps are coming soon for this too and you can use that for payments with Apple Pay as well.

It can detect tap and long press to access different menus. It is not a stand-alone device and you will need an iPhone to use this Apple Watch. You can set alarms with an accuracy of 50 milliseconds.


You can use this watch as walkie-talky. There a chance you will also be able to control your Apple TV with this so this literally is your most personal device.

Buy iPhone 6. iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch

Apple Watch will be available for $349 from Apple stores in the first quarter of 2015. Buy iPhone 6 in grey, white or gold or pre-order for  $199 for 16GB and for  $399 for 128GB. You can buy iPhone 6 Plus for $299 for 16GB and it goes up to $499 for 128GB. Shipping for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will start on September 19th.


Image Courtesy : Engadget

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