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iPhone 6 Specs Leaked: A Deeper Look

by Fahad Saleem

iPhone 6 Specs Leaked: A Deeper Look

Apple has been pretty quiet with any news regarding the iPhone 6, but as always, rumors are constant. Love them or hate them, rumors will never stop. Of course, rumors aren’t always right, but give an overall idea to what one might expect. This time, it’s a blogger by the name of Sonny Dickson who claims to have inside knowledge on what the iPhone 6 might feature. We’ve heard rumors of a bigger screen, faster processor, better camera and a new Apple chip. But let’s see what Mr. Dickson has to say about Apple’s new smartphone.

Phone Size

The first piece of news Dickson shared, via his Twitter, was the size of the iPhone 6. The current iPhone (5S) sits at 0.30 inches thick, Dickson claims the new phone will be even slimmer at 0.22 inches thick. If this is true, that’s quite a remarkable feat by Apple. Some rumors suggest Apple will be offering two versions of iPhone 6. One has a 5.7 inch screen and the other having a 4.7 inch screen. If that is true, that would be great for customers because they can decide which version is more comfortable for them.

iphone 6 size


Dickson believes the screen on the iPhone 6 will be an Ultra-Retina screen at 389 pixels-per-inch. No claim has been made on a larger screen, but many other sources and rumors have said a bigger screen will definitely be one of the main things in the new iPhone. A 5 inch screen, or maybe even larger, is something that is almost guaranteed as many of the best smartphones right now sport 5 inch screens.

iphone  6 screen


The iPhone 5S’ A7 chip runs at a smooth 1.7GHz; according to Dickson the iPhone 6 will be sporting an A8 processor running at 2.6GHz. That’s a lot of power, which would require time to cool and stay juiced. That rumor isn’t very convincing as other sources have said the new A8 chip will not run faster than 2.4GHz. One thing that is confirmed is that the new iPhone will definitely be faster than the old one.

iphone 6 processor


Samsung released the Galaxy S4 with temperature and humidity sensors, along with a barometer. Many expected the iPhone 5S to come with those features, but it didn’t. So it’s expected that the iPhone 5 will have temperature, pressure and humidity sensors to detect the weather.


These are the latest rumors swirling around the iPhone 6. Some of them will most like be true, like the screen being bigger and the new apple chip being faster, but other than that nothing is confirmed. Apple certainly has a special phone up its sleeve and we can only wait and see what the new iPhone will offer and how it will stack up against the other major smartphones.


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