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iPhone 6 woes continues, first it was the #Bendgate now it’s #Hairgate, The SmartShave

by Milicent Atieno

iPhone 6 woes continues, first it was the #Bendgate now it’s #Hairgate, The SmartShave

It would be fair to say that Apples latest products released into the market have been faced with a lot of turmoil. Starting with the iPhone 6 which provoked a lot of social media uproar under the hashtag Bendgate; about how the iPhone 6 bends when one carries it around while in the pocket.

Despite Apple saying that the actual numbers of reported cases of the iPhone 6 bending were less than ten. Looking at the #Bendgate on social media, one would easily think that the iPhone 6 are bending by their thousands.

Leaving alone the hardware issues, the recently released iOS 8 has had less than impressive run. The OS has been plagued with numerous bugs, which led to Apple releasing the iOS 8.0.1 and then the iOS 8.0.2.

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Now the social media platforms are back at it again with the hashtag Hairgate, all about how the iPhone 6 traps and cuts your hair or beards while you are using it to make calls. Some are really having fun with the hashtag by saying that the iPhone 6 is Apple’s way of ensuring people don’t wear tight jeans and one can only make calls when they are cleanly groomed (by groomed I mean cleanly shaved).

Although it would be hard to determine whether or not there is some truth behind these social media posts. But the #Hairgate is trending, and by doing so it is adding salt to an already wounded campaign by Apple for its iPhone 6.

For some, it has been an opportune marketing opportunity. Gillette tweeted: “Your phone may be smarter than ever, but leave the shaving to the experts.”

Another Tweeter tweeted: “Congrats, Apple, for finally getting hipsters to shave.”

The following are some of the various social media posts users are saying under the #Hairgate:

For more on the iPhone 6 ‘supposed’ smart-shaving features follow the social media update, on Twitter or Facebook.

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