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iPhone won’t Connect to Wifi Problem [Fixed]



Apple iPhones are great devices used by billions of people around the world. Without a Wifi, there is perhaps no concept of phone usage and fun. Wifi issues in iPhones are very common. They could come anytime, anywhere, but mostly, iPhone won’t connect to wifi after iOS updates, changing some settings, accidently touching a button, DNS and cache problems. If you want to fix iPhone won’t connect to wifi problem, below are some of the options you should try. These are best available working tips to fix Wifi issues in iPhone. They are applicable to almost all models of iPhones, but mostly, they address Wifi issues for iOS 8, as most of the iPhones are running iOS 8.

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Fix iPhone won’t Connect to Wifi Problem


Reboot Device

Funny it may sound, but it works in a majority of cases. You must restart your phone and check if Wifi works or not. If not, then proceed with the steps given.

Reset Networking connection

Resetting networking connection flushes DNS, removes cache clutter, clear off DHCP and refreshes data variables for Wifi connection in the iOS. Resetting network settings often fix iPhone won’t connect to wifi problem. Here’s how to do it.

Launch Settings in your iPhone and head over to the “General” tab.

Tap “Reset” and choose “Reset Network Settings”

Restart the device and check. This should fix wifi problems in iPhone. If it doesn’t fix, move on with the following steps.

System Wifi Settings/Geolocation Settings

Disabling and then enabling the system Wifi settings could also fix iPhone won’t connect to Wifi issues. It involves tinkering with the geo-location settings and Wifi settings. Here’s what to do.

Launch Settings app in your iPhone.

Tap “Privacy” and go to “Location Services”.

Scroll down to the bottom and you will find “System Services”. Go to it and toggle OFF the Wi-Fi Networking option.

Now try to join the Wifi connection again and see if you were able to fix iPhone wifi connection problems. If not, proceed.

Update to the Newest iOS Version

Make sure that you have the newest iOS version installed. This actually fixed a lot of wifi problems for many users. You must have newest available iOS release in your iPhone.



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