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IROKO launches IrokoX to showcase Digital Content from Africa

by Milicent Atieno
IROKO launches IrokoX to showcase Digital Content from Africa

iROKO, the Nigeria based digital entertainment platform, has launched a new platform for showcasing and promoting digital content from African creators dubbed IrokoX.

IrokoX is a multi-platform network for showcasing African filmmakers, musicians, and other creative artistry from the continent. The platform will handle the production, distribution, and monetization of the content, in partnership with the artists. The platform will provide content curators, a platform to monetize their 3-5 minute videos.

IrokoX will provide participating artists with production assistance and resources from established studios. IrokoX will also link the participating artists with iROKO’s global partner networks like iTunes, YouTube and Google Play. These iROKO networks on which it has distributed some of its content and generated about 1.5 billion views, saw the company pay out as much as $550,000 to the partners over just last year.

It will operate on an 80/20 split revenue share model for the majority of users – the artists get 80%,” said IrokoX General Manager Oluch Enuha.

We are going after something akin to a Maker Studio, whereby Africa’s professional and semi-professional creators can produce quality digital content, market it, share it with larger audiences, and get paid.”

Enuha said this, while referring to the multi-channel network purchased by Disney in 2014 at a $500 million price tag.

IrokoX is currently receiving applications from aspiring and established artists from across the continent. Any artists from the industries such as music, fashion design, and journalism among others are encouraged to apply. Click here to apply.

A selected few applicants will be given production resources, sponsorships and access to iROKO’s distribution channels.

Creation. Distribution. Monetization; this is what IrokoX is setting out to provide for our continent’s creative pioneers, in order to capture and lead the fast-paced social media and online video market for the continent,” Enuha said.

“Africa is brimming with creative talent, much of which is stifled by poor access to production facilities, or poor understanding of how to monetize content. With IrokoX’s considerable expertise in these areas, we are ideally positioned to support and develop thousands of amazing African and Africa-inspired content creators,”

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