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Is Dota 2 Dying 2022


Dota 2 is a game that continues to make a name for itself after years of journey. Ever since its debut in 2013, questions such as whether Dota 2 is dying have always been asked. No matter how many disaster scenarios there are, Dota 2 strangely grew in 2021.

Although Dota 2 carries the legacy of Warcraft, which is considered the architect of the MOBA genre, it still follows League of Legends. LoL side, which had a successful 2021 with its marketing strategies, gave Dota 2 a hard time.

In today’s article, we will try to answer questions such as how many people play Dota 2. We will also take a look at what awaits Dota 2 in 2022. If you are ready, let’s take a quick look at the details of our article.

Is Dota 2 Really Dying?

We think that this is a question on almost everyone’s mind. Before we get confused, we must answer absolutely no, Dota 2 is not dead! However, we have to admit that the old glorious days are long gone. We can hardly see the stable number of 1 million simultaneous active players in 2016 anymore.

Because in 2019, it went through a serious decline phase. Of course, Valve’s reckless attitude has a share in this. Even now, as we enter the year 2022, there are more than 450.00 players in Dota 2 simultaneously. When you see the peak in today, the numbers show more than 700,000 concurrent players.

When we look at the numbers, we can say that Dota 2 is far from dying. However, we would like to say that League of Legends has almost half the number of simultaneous players. The hidden reason behind this may be the difference in the probuilds. Players who like fast and simplified tactics will definitely opt for LOL. League of Legends Ezreal probuilds, for example, offer the players such builds as Rising Spell Force, Mystic Shot, or others providing a win rate of 63.3%. LOL Senna probuilds such as Absolution, Piercing Darkness, and many others provide a win rate of 54.2%.

Just like Dota 2, League of Legends can be awesome to play for both beginners and veteran players because of its replayability. But it could be boring if you are using a new account since you would be playing with bots and you wouldn’t have that many characters unlocked. If you want to skip the boring AI matches and heavy grinding just to get your account to level 30, you can easily get smurf League of Legends accounts from LOL Script.

How Many People Are Playing Dota 2 in 2022?

In order to provide consistent statistics on Dota 2 player count, we need to base it on the last quarter of 2021. In addition to these, we will share statistics for 2016 so that you can see the decline.

Dates – 2021

Average Number of Concurrent Players

Concurrent Peak Players

October 2021



November 2021



December 2021



Dates – 2016

Average Number of Concurrent Players

Concurrent Peak Players

October 2016



November 2016



December 2016



When you look at the statistics, it seems that a serious decline started after 2016. However, it still tried to recover a little with the updates of Nemestice and Aghanim’s Labyrinth in 2021.

Dota 2 Twitch Stats and Esports Impact

Perhaps the most important detail that keeps Dota 2 alive is the series of tournaments stretching back to The International. It draws attention with its multi-million dollar prize pools in the Dota 2 Esports scene, where high-level competition is experienced. This has ensured the formation of a stable player base.

Especially Dota 2 affects the gambling industry together with The International Esport. Especially Esport bet lovers follow Dota 2 matches intensely. If you want to be included in Dota 2 bets, you can visit Thunderpick to wage crypto on your favorite teams or players.

Because of the different Esports bet types and the use of cryptocurrency, it is the number one destination for Dota 2 betting. Also, as you know, cryptocurrencies and video games have gone hand in hand in recent years.

Let’s get back to our topic quickly. DPC 2022 continues rapidly in different parts of the world. When we think about it, we can say that exciting days await us. Now, if you want, let’s take a look at how many people follow Dota 2 on Twitch during the DPC adventure and the process leading up to The International 2022.

The details we will present below are the statistics covering the first quarter of 2022. (January 2022 – March)

  • Hours watched: 119,550,698
  • Hours broadcast: 2,061,027
  • Average viewers: 55,347
  • Max viewers: 224,463
  • Broadcasters: 98,558
  • Average viewers rank: 13th
  • Average channels rank: 22nd

What is the Difference in Player Count between Dota 2 and LoL?

Steam generally shares all statistics about the games published within its own structure transparently. However, Riot Games keeps the player numbers for League of Legends secret. In some cases, Riot Games makes statements about player numbers from time to time.

Riot Games announced the number of monthly players in a statement on its Twitter account. According to this statement, the number of players playing League of Legends in October 2021 is 180 million. Of course, we do not know if there is only League of Legends in this. Because the statistics of Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics and Runeterra games may also be included.

In any case, if we make a comparison, if we look at the details of Steam in 2020, we know that it has 120 million active users. If we reflect this to Dota 2 with a superficial calculation, we will see that League of Legends is 2-3 times larger.

What Is Dota 2’s Highest Concurrent Player Count?

Dota 2 reached the highest player count of all time in March 2016. According to statistics, it reached the highest number of simultaneous players with 1,291,328 people per month.

The average number of simultaneous players was measured in February 2016, with the highest 709,178 people. There was a decrease in these statistics as of 2021. Although there was a short-term boom with Dota Auto Chess in 2019, it was not enough to stop the decline.

Valve did some work to get the player count back in 2021. The first of these was the Dota: Dragon’s Blood animated series published by Valve via Netflix. In addition, with the in-game updates that it brought during the year, it was able to stop the decline a little bit. Players want these developments to continue in 2022. We’ll see if Dota 2 fans can trust Valve in the future.

Is Dota 2 still Popular in 2022?

Although Dota 2 is far behind its biggest rival, League of Legends, it is still played by hundreds of thousands of players. Dota 2’s active player count oscillates between the two best games on Steam. The other game is CSGO as you might guess.

Dota 2 and CSGO are two games that share the first seat on Steam. Sometimes Dota 2 can’t beat Apex Legends and PUBG due to the decrease in player count. But overall, Dota 2 is consistently in second place.

Finally, you can easily find a match within the hours you want in the game. After starting a quick ranked match, the match finding time does not exceed 2 minutes.

Final Words

In today’s article, we tried to talk about Dota 2’s player count and its future. We also shared with you the statistics about the increase in the number of players and Esports tournaments in the last period.

We think that we have conveyed our excitement to you, especially in the process leading up to Dota 2 International 2022. We know that there are Esports and betting lovers who share the same excitement with us. That’s why we invite you to take a look at our 10 tips for maximizing your Esport betting odds.

In this way, you can continue your Dota 2 DPC and International 2022 adventure in a profitable and enjoyable way. Goodbye for now!

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