Is Google Planning On Rolling Out Its Own Android Phones?

Is Google Planning To Roll Out Its Own Android Phones?

After reading the title, you must be asking yourself; doesn’t Google already have its own Android phone, the Nexus line of phones and tablets? No, that’s not entirely true! Google owns the Nexus line of devices in only as far as the design, marketing and support of the devices are concerned. The development and manufacturing part of the Nexus devices is done by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Take for instance the Nexus 6P was made by HTC, Nexus 5X by LG, and Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. The same can be said about the other Nexus line of devices, and these OEMs have a significant influence on how the Nexus devices get rolled out into the market.

It is now emerging that Google wants to come up with an Android phone in which it influences the operating system, design, processor and everything else 100 percent. This move will be in an attempt to pit itself against Apple, which has full control over both its software and hardware for the iOS devices.

The news that Google is planning to develop its own phone in not exactly new, but spirited talks have emerged recently according to The Information. Details about on the types of hardware and release date to expect are still not forthcoming just yet.

One thing is for certain; Android fans will get a better treat of the Android operating system as Google intended if the company were to produce its own devices for the OS. Although, there is already some degree of that for users using the Nexus line of devices. That experience will be better controlled by Google if or when it starts producing its own devices like its rival Apple has been doing from the start.

There are reports that Google is in talks with microchip makers on a possible co-development of microchips that will power the Android phones. The reports go further to state the chips will enable new features for the Android OS; feature that Google is said to be currently working to release sometime next year.

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