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Is it Alright to Bring your Family on an Extended Business Trip to Canada?


Even under normal circumstances, it is difficult to juggle family and work responsibilities. Often, milestones such as birthdays or recitals get missed due to having to work a deadline. Spending time with your family is important to strengthen bonds.

When you are a frequent business traveler or are away for long periods for work, then this is even more difficult. Having a normal family life is not in the cards for the long-term business traveler. This is why some people wonder if they can bring along their family if they will be gone for more than a few weeks.

Luckily in Canada, there is no visa necessary for US citizens to visit for less than 180 days. This makes it very easy for your family to tag along. In this article, we will explore the possibilities when it comes to taking family on a business trip.

Where to stay

Very often, when a company sends you out on an extended business trip, they will put you up in a short-term rental so that you aren’t living out of a suitcase in a hotel. This adds to your comfort so you can be more productive on the trip.

This means that often you could have your family come and stay with you since you are not in a small space. For instance, if you are in any apartments for rent North York then you could be quite comfortable with a spouse and child for the duration of your stay.

If the company usually pays for a studio or someplace smaller, offer to split the costs of a larger suite so your family has enough room to feel like they are at home. It won’t cost the employer any extra money and you won’t have to spend too much yourself to put your family up while you are at work.

They’ll also be able to feel at home in a suite since they can shop for groceries and cook at home so you can have dinner together just as you would if you were not on a business trip.

Separate costs

You will likely be working with a per diem for your daily expenses that would normally be sufficient to cover just yourself. With your family, the expenses will surely be much higher. Food, even if it is simply groceries, will be much more expensive. Transportation, entertainment and everything else to keep your family comfortable will all add up.

Make sure that you separate your business expenses from your personal ones. Don’t use your company credit card at all for anything that you pay for that isn’t for your job. If you are expected to turn in receipts for your trip, then use your business card exclusively where it makes sense.

For instance, if you need to rent a car whether you are alone or with family, then this is a logical instance where you would simply include it on your business expenses. If you are using the car to take a trip with the family to a tourist attraction, then pay for the gas with your personal card.

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