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Is It Possible to Get a Business Loan Even if Your Credit Score Is Bad?


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Getting a business loan can be difficult with a below average credit score. There are a few hurdles associated with a loan, so getting rid of the bad baggage upfront is a tremendous help. You are in charge of making things easier on yourself, and it all starts with credit management.

A Big Decision

Getting a loan is a transformative process that requires a lot of thinking ahead. This is especially true if you’re looking for small business funding for women with bad credit. Anyone you have dealings with will want to know how you can pay the money back. They need both a verbal and visual representation of how the loan will be paid. This is a big decision for the loan company since they are assuming most of the risk. If you brush off the importance of this fact, then getting a loan will become much harder with your line of credit. A low credit score will only cause a blemish, but not understanding the situation for both sides will be an unrecoverable error.

What Is Considered Low Credit?

Asking what is considered ‘low credit’ is the wrong way to approach a business loan. Every loan product is different, and every company will have their own inhouse requirements. You may even catch a loan officer on a good day, or get rejected for a contract due to low points in your current industry. Trying to predict the success of a business loan based on your credit score is a defeatist attitude. A bad credit score is irrelevant if you can prove that you have the ability to fulfill the contract. That is why there is no universal minimum required score for a business loan.

Does A Personal Guarantee Help?

Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt to offer a personal guarantee with assets. When you lack the suitable assets to guarantee a business loan, personal assets are the next best thing. Be careful, since pledging personal assets could mean the ruin of more than your business. A personal guarantee of assets is not as dangerous as it sounds if you are realistic about the amount that needs to be borrowed. Take what is needed, and even in the worst of scenarios you can plan a rebuild. Take more than you can handle, and prepare for a black hole that rests comfortably in your finances.

Are You Ready?

Even if you can pay back a business loan, there is still the question of your readiness. It is not the loan officers’ job to help you with a business plan. And if you don’t complete or understand your own plan, you’re putting the business in a bad position. Before pumping money into your business, have a general outlook of where it will be in the next ten or twenty years.

Be Smart

A business loan can be the answer to putting your company on track to greatness. Bad credit is no reason to back down from the challenge, but you still need to be smart about how a loan is used. Take charge of your future, and give your company the boost it deserves.

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