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Is It Possible to Reverse the Aging Process?


Science can slow down the process but not reverse it. However, the term “reverse” is what many people use, even if what people really mean is to slow it down. There have been developments recently on how to slow down the aging process, but these experiments only showed success to animals, not humans. 

Today, we will look at these updates and developments to find out where humanity stands in terms of scientific breakthroughs.

Why Even Bother Reversing the Aging Process?

More than a hundred years ago, people did not live long because of diseases. Today, we have many vaccines and cures for those diseases, and life expectancy is longer.

Although humanity today is dealing with far more sinister illnesses, there is better hope to address aging. Most diseases today are related to old age. Here are some examples:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases
  • Cancer

If we could reverse the aging process, we would also reduce the likelihood of these diseases from happening. It is similar to making the right decisions in gambling on online sites like Vulkan Vegas Japan: if you pick the right things, you reduce the likelihood of losing.

Can Age Be Really Reversed?

To be able to answer this question, one must first understand what happens when we age. Every day, our cells go through many chemical reactions. They release toxic metabolites, some of which are called radicals. Add to this the exposure to chemicals, UV rays and many other things such as genetics. 

When all these things happen, cells die and no longer multiply. As such, the body ages, shrinks, gets dry until the body can no longer sustain life.

In some scientific experiments, experts found out that it is possible to slow down this process. They can slow down the aging process in human cells in Petri dishes. They can also do this with animals.

For example, an experiment about two mice of different ages proved that reversing the aging process is possible. They joined the circulatory systems of the two mice. What happened was that the old mouse got younger, and the younger one began to age faster.

As such, one theory is that blood is a key factor in reversing the aging process. This discovery is what gave rise to a hype where rich people get blood transfusions—they use the blood of the young.

All these experiments are promising, but there is no single answer yet. If there is one thing that scientists are sure about, they all agree that aging cannot be stopped, only slowed.

Aging is Unstoppable

A study confirms that we may not be able to slow the rate of aging. The reasoning is biological in nature. Humans are complex organisms, and it would take more than just blood transfusion to defy the aging process.

What scientists found out is that instead of slowing down the process of death, humans today are living longer because of the ability to fight death at an early age. The message here is that humans live longer today because of better conditions.

This study involved 14 countries and many species. The scientists compared the birth and death rate between humans and other primates. They found out that the pattern of life is the same in all of them. From this study, they concluded that aging and death are biological in nature, not environmental.

Is There a Way to Reverse Aging Naturally?

Yes, there are many ways by which one can reduce the effects of aging. Below are some examples:

  • Reducing calorie intake
  • Having a balanced and wholesome diet
  • Not smoking
  • Regular exercise
  • Sleeping 8 hours a day
  • Active social life
  • No alcohol or only drink in moderation

The keys to being young and healthy are within our fingertips. If humans do not consume and do things that harm the cells, the body can perform its biological duties faster and better.

As such, what matters in the reversal of the aging process is rather leaning towards decisions and choices than medicine. The cure for aging might be promising to other animals, but there are certain steps that we can take today to start slowing it down.

Science has a long way to go. There is hope where we could possibly reverse aging, but this will take some time. As science goes forward to discovering new things, we can expect new medications that will help our cells to live longer. For now, taking care of our health is our immediate hope.

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