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Is It Safe to Buy in AliExpress?


AliExpress is one of the popular online retail marketplace being used worldwide. It’s based in China and owned by a massive company called the Alibaba Group. It’s one of the most successful eCommerce brands globally, with annual revenue of $56 billion in 2020. Although it doesn’t sell anything directly, its marketplace is still huge as it connects various suppliers across the world to sell to different customers worldwide.

The site is also user-friendly because it uses a B2C platform ideal for consumers looking for different products at a lower price. It also works just like other online shopping platforms where the products are divided into many different categories such as fashion, phones and telecommunications, office and security, bags and shoes, and many more.

Online Shopping With AliExpress

Online shopping steadily increased in usage and practicality, especially during the pandemic. Some people prefer to stay at home, and online shopping has been a convenient way to buy almost anything they need. However, with the rise of online shopping also comes the onslaught of online fraudsters and hackers.

Is AliExpress Legit?

Despite the fact that the famous Alibaba Group owns AliExpress, items or products being sold at a very affordable and cheap price compared to other online platforms make some people question its legitimacy. Some may even doubt the quality of the product being sold and even the seller’s reliability.

The vast majority of the items or products in AliExpress are legit. But the question of its legitimacy revolves around the users — the sellers and the buyers — whether they legally conduct business. It’s also very important for buyers to be vigilant when purchasing products from whatever online shopping platforms they opt to use.

But is AliExpress safe?

Can You Buy on AliExpress Safely?

AliExpress is safe as it is one of the most visited online shopping websites in the world with millions of customers. Its parent company, the Alibaba Group, is behind the Alibaba Cloud security service, which offers high-end Al technology for security identification and risk analysis to other companies. The same security is applied to their services as well.

Furthermore, AliExpress has a Buyer Protection Policy. It offers a certain period wherein the buyer can claim their rights to return and refund. All protections are also automatically applied to every user. This is as long as the purchase has been made directly through AliExpress.

Top Tips for a Great Experience on AliExpress

Even if AliExpress is legit, it’s still very important for buyers to be alert when shopping online. Buyers must choose the right supplier and avoid shady transactions and be aware of questionable middlemen and scammers.

Below are some tips for buying safely using AliExpress.

Check for the seller’s feedback ratings to determine their reliability.

The most significant sign of seller reliability is whether they are marked as “top brand.”

To determine Seller’s reliability, below are the things to keep in mind to identify scam sellers:

  • Get skeptical if the seller claims to offer original branded items at a very cheap price.
  • Descriptions should not be over the top or too vague.
  • Product photography should be consistent, high quality, and of different angles.
  • There’s an extensive range of products as it’s best to pick sellers with some sort of specialization.
  • Seller’s responsiveness as you should get a response within three days.
  • Sellers must say where they’re based. If they don’t, be doubtful.

Carefully check the item you are about to purchase because genuine sellers offer guarantees such as guaranteed genuine, domestic returns, money-back guarantee, and on-time delivery.

Read reviews carefully.

Check for customer reviews of the product on the seller’s page. Buying a product without review is not recommended as it is like gambling – you don’t know if the seller really delivers the quality of the product they describe. The higher the number of reviews, the better, because it’s not just some one-time reseller.

Confirm the feedback Score to see seller ratings, feedback history, and more. The higher the positive feedback, the better. Only buy from official stores or listings with positive feedback.

Verify order thoroughly when received.

Carefully check the package for any defect or damage once received and report it to the website. It’s instrumental for the company to identify those using the escrow service. Attach pictures of the defective product and include as many details as possible in the report.

Question why sellers’ prices are too low.

AliExpress is offering decent products at reasonably low prices. But if a super expensive product is being sold at a meager price, it is probably best to leave it and look for other sellers.

Use Alitools for AliExpress sellers’ safety check.

Install the Alitools browser extension for free! You will no longer wonder about the safety of buying a product from a particular seller because the extension will already give you comparisons of products, sellers, reviews, and the best prices for you.

There are many online shopping platforms available for customers today, catering to their every need and wants. Although these platforms have their ways of securing their client’s safety, it’s still best to know what to look out for when purchasing your items through any website.

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