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Is online dating like a roleplay game?


Technology has made a huge impact on our dating lives and relationships. No more letters that take several weeks to be received and you can see your partner whenever you want via video call. With our phone and internet connection, our messages can be sent in real-time. This technological advancement also provides us an opportunity to meet new people without leaving our homes, building connections with someone who we haven’t met in real life.

Although virtual dating started to be widely accepted over the previous decade, some people are still doubtful about the use of dating platforms. They assume that its users are not serious with their love search or simply want to try it because it seems fun. It’s true that a few users are using these platforms to take advantage of others or just want to have a one-night stand, not to search for a partner. But many users are serious about forming relationships.

Similarities of dating and a roleplay game

In the age of dating apps and sites, choosing who we want to connect with is as easy as tapping or swiping. This seems like a roleplay game we simply use to pass the time and overcome our boredom. Whether it’s virtual or face-to-face, dating is somehow similar to a roleplay game. Its possibilities are numerous, and it’s up to us how everything will wrap up.

In a roleplay game, you pick a character that we like and play with other users in a fictional world. You can hide your own identity while in the game, not disclosing your age, first name, or even gender if you want to. You can achieve different possible endings depending on the actions you take. 

Virtual dating is more than just a game

Some love-seekers think that they have to approach online dating as if it’s a game. They don’t know that this is a wrong move. Over the years, this led to many hookups or relationships that failed.

Using dating platforms is more than just a game. While using these apps and sites, we’re dealing with real human emotions. We’re not just trying to beat a high score and to go to another higher level. We aim to start or build long-term connections with a stranger who might be the person we’re looking for. This is why we tend to be more careful who we want to connect with and accept in our social network.

In dating, remember that there’s no reset button or you can’t undo your actions. The relationship can reach the end or continue depending on your actions or choices you made.

Increasing number of relationships leading to marriages

Our tech-savvy generation made long-distance relationships possible. We can keep in touch anytime and anywhere with our closest friends or anyone from distant places no matter how far they are from us. The evidence that dating platforms are making way for serious and long-time relationships that eventually lead to strong marriages is clear.

Since the release of the first-ever dating platform, people from different races or nations have been connecting with each other and forming bonds without even meeting once in real life. The use of dating apps and sites are becoming more widely accepted. During the previous decade, more and more users are starting to sign up for these platforms with hopes of finding their forever partners.

In spite of all these positive receptions of virtual relationships, it’s success rate is much lower than a normal one. Most long-distance partners are losing the motivation to continue their relationship due to various restrictions and don’t have any idea on how to keep themselves invested. Nevertheless, collaborative effort can save an online relationship and can make it lifetime.  

The bottom line

Some might be thinking using dating platforms and the entire virtual dating setup is similar to the world of roleplay games, but evidence showed us that love seekers can actually find a serious relationship that can last forever. Dating sites and apps have changed how we interact with others in a good way.

For sure, these platforms would continue to be part of many lives and keep making developments in our dating lives and relationships for the years to come. Embracing the changes it brings would help us make stronger bonds than before.

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