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Is Rebranding Easier and Less Costly in the Digital Age?

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Wanting to rebrand is a common occurrence in business, and there are various reasons why this may need to happen. However, it should be noted that if the brand is already well-established, it may not be the best idea to change things up. This is because a consistent representation of a brand has been found to boost revenue by 33 percent. Luckily, if you’re sure that rebranding is what your business needs, it has never been easier or cheaper to give your business image an overhaul.

How Easy is it to Create a New Logo?

It is now simpler than ever to change your company branding, especially if you have a business that exists solely online. This is because there is unlikely to be much-printed material that needs changing. Not to mention, there is some useful software online for creating logos cheaply and effectively. These can be used by anyone, and there is no need for any previous expertise in developing graphics on computers.

For example, Wix has detailed instructions on how to create a logo, along with templates, effects, and other helpful options. With absolutely no experience in graphic design, anyone can make an eye-catching logo in a matter of minutes. The site also includes guides and examples for inspiration, just in case you’re stuck for ideas. Once you’ve made your image, you can then download it in various formats and put it wherever you need to. For instance, it could come in the form of a Facebook cover photo or, alternatively, the size of a profile picture.

Why Would a Business Need to Rebrand?

There are numerous reasons why a business owner may feel the need to rebrand. The brand has to reflect the service or product the company provides, so, if this is altered, some wording may need changing. For instance, a gaming company that wants to branch out into other areas may drop the word “gaming” from its brand name and logo. This has also been a common occurrence with food chains that want to diversify their offerings. Sometimes this happens due to emerging trends in the market, such as a switch to healthier eating. In these circumstances, fast-food vendors have been forced to align themselves with this way of thinking and bring out healthier options.

Another reason to adjust the branding could be if the initial idea failed to capture the attention of the target audience. In these circumstances, the business is unlikely to be thriving enough to see any adverse effects from a change. This can happen if a business rushes into creating its brand identity without doing enough research into its intended market. The best way to avoid any mistakes in the early stages would be to conduct thorough market research to pinpoint exactly how to appeal to the target demographic.

Some of the World’s Biggest Companies Have Rebranded Before

It’s nothing new for a company to decide to change its branding. In fact, some of the biggest businesses in the world have undergone name and logo changes over the years. Other companies have completely changed the brand philosophy and what they stand for. The purpose of this can be done as a way to relaunch the ethics or services of the company, or just to be more contemporary.

A prime example of a complete change in brand identity was seen with McDonald’s, which was once considered a simple, unhealthy fast-food franchise. Now, though, it is trying to convey a cleaner, healthier image with its salads and freshly-ground coffee. The outlets have undergone a noticeable change, and are more in line with swanky coffee shops like Starbucks nowadays.

Some companies have made minor changes to their names in recent years. For example, Dunkin’ Donuts is now simply known as Dunkin’, as it looks to expand its lines and offer more than just the fried pastry goods. This could also be in response to the fact that society as a whole is thinking healthier than it was when the shop first opened in 1950. Tupperware is another company that has been credited with having one of the most successful rebrands in history. It opted for a brand new sleek and modern look in order to stay relevant in the 21st Century.

In the internet age, rebranding isn’t the massive undertaking it may have once been. It is quick and easy to make new logos and update web pages with them. It could even be a good way to boost customer engagement as you can create various posts about the rebranding. The crucial thing to note is that rebranding is a major decision to make. Before rushing into anything, business owners should be completely sure that a rebrand is the right thing for the business. It is wise to follow societal trends and keep in close touch with the target demographic when considering if a rebrand is necessary.


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