It’s now possible to open Microsoft Office Documents files directly in your iOS devices

microsoft Office suite for iOS

Microsoft has updated its Office suite for iOS enabling Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to open Office documents directly from the native Files app. This feature is now available in the latest version 2.12 of the Office suite for iOS.

This update does away with the previous ‘Copy to’ feature and in its place you now get ‘Open in’ to open the document natively in the Files app. Though Excel and PowerPoint document will initially open in Quick Look previews and will require you to tap ‘Open in’ from the share sheet as iOS learns which apps you frequently use to open the documents in.

After iOS has learned, the subsequent documents will open in Files directly in Word, Excel, or Pages (accordingly) with just a single tap. You will no longer need to open the share sheet first.

In any case though, whether a Files document opens in its correct app with a single tap, or you use the share sheet and ‘Open in’ first, this is still a huge improvement for Office users. Previously any documents stored in Files would need to be accessed by going to either Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, tapping the ‘More’ button in the ‘Open’ menu, then locating the file from there.

Now, iOS users can go straight to the Files app, locate the appropriate document, and open it directly with only a tap or two”

You can get your updated Microsoft Office for iOS app from the App Store for free.

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