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Japan Can Be Wiped Off Earth By a Gigantic Volcano, Study Claims

by Fahad Saleem

Japan Can Be Wiped Off Earth By a Gigantic Volcano, Study Claims

According to a research carried out by Japanese scientists, about 95% of the Japan’s population is under the threat of being annihilated due to severe volcanic eruption, which could happen any time in the next 100 years. The scientists have observed that the volcanic activity has increased significantly in recent times.

The research results don’t overestimate the volcanic eruption and it is predicted that Japan may cease to exist as a result of a huge volcanic activity in the future.

The Professors of the Kobe University, Yoshiyuki Tatsumi and Keiko Suzuki researched about the scale and frequency of local volcanic eruptions over the past 120,000 years. The scientists have predicted at about 1% over next 100 years, the volcanic eruption would destroy the 120 million people living across Honshu, which is the Japan’s main island.

The scientists warned people that these statistics shouldn’t be underestimated. The history shows that even a small probability of an event to occur is enough to cause it. Back in 1995, when the monstrous earth quake of 7.2-magnitude scale destroyed Kobe, the prediction was estimated to be just 1%. That earth quake killed almost 6400 people and injured 4400.

Japan is considered as the host of most of the volcanic eruptions. Almost 7% of the volcanoes, which have erupted over the previous 10,000 years, have made the very nation victim of the destruction. One of them was a gigantic crater, covering 23Km area n the southern island of Kyushu, served as a model for scientists.

According to the research of scientists, if the eruption does occur, the whole affected area would be buried by the flows of lava as well as molten rock. The westerly winds would certainly bring the volcanic ash to the second most-populous island of the world.

Another Kyushu mountain, Ioyama, has also showed some indications of volcanic activity such as small tremors. In short, Japan is the host of nearly 100 volcanoes, lying on the “Ring of Fire”. The area around the coasts of Pacific Ocean certainly invites earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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