CES2015: Japan Showcases 10400mAh Power Bank, Capable Of Recharging Smartphone Five Times

CES2015: Japan Showcases 10400mAh Power Bank, Capable Of Recharging Smartphone Five Times

Japanese company, Cheero, best known for its Power Plus device chargers has taken the power bank capability to the next level. At the ongoing, Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the company showcased it latest Power Plus devices chargers yet.

The most noticeable and the largest is the Power Plus Danboard version; a 10,400mAh portable lithium-ion battery going for $58. It is said it can recharge an iPhone five times before its battery dying. In terms of size this devices is about 117x74x23mm, just about the size of an iPhone 4S, and weighs in at about 258grams.

The mini version of the device above, dubbed Power Plus Danboard Mini, comes with a 6,000mAh battery and retails at $42. The device is said to be capable or recharging your smartphone about 2.5 times before running out of power. It weighs in at about 140grams.

Looking at the design of both power bank devices, if you are familiar with Japanese fictional cardboard box robot character from the Yotsuba manga series, you will notice that they resemble the character Danbo. Their names are even derived from it.

Another interesting thing about these devices from Cheero that sets them apart from the rest of power banks out there. Well, other than the fact that they store a lot of power and can recharge your device a good number of times before running out of juice. They have a ‘cool way’ of showing you where their power charge stands. When the power charge is between 100% to 67%, its eyes glow yellow, when it drops to between 66% to 34% the eyes glow orange and when its less than 33% to 1% they glow red as they blink.

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